1 Chapter 1 Perfidy

In the middle of forest, there is a large chamber that you can compare in castle as it stood tall admist of old age.

Outside of the chamber there is 100 players, preparing for the raid inside the chamber. "Hey Yo, what are you spacing out? We will begin the raid in a minute so be ready." Said by the male who has a pleasant voice. The one who he spoke is a man looks middle age and has a beard, Yo, "sorry sorry just thinking of something after we finish this raid so our Brilliant Stars will celebrate, Sanguine." Despite the reply he said is contrary to what he looks under the cloak that he wore, a look of disdain and envy.

The Brilliant Stars that he mention is the guild of about 300+ members they are neither elite or top 1% of player in the WoE, But there players surpass the average players.

Just as they walk to enter the chamber, Bushes and trees tremble as the evidence there are movements and ambushing the Players that walking towards the chamber. They halt and ready to retaliate and aware of the danger that may happen sooner or later.

These players consist of 500+ and wore a equipment that has high quality base on materials used, and same as they hold their weapons as they are ready to attack anytime.

"F**k**g Brilliant Stars! I already give you warning bastards that you merge that guild on to us and i will have a mercy on you but you didn't listen huh?!" Said by husky voice of a man in the frontline of this 500+ players.

"Oh, if isn't Sir Broddie the Vice Leader of Olympus? What are you doing in this lowly dungeon as us? Sorry but we can already do this as no need a helping hand." As said by the man with a pleasant voice yet sarcastic way.

"Looks like you didn't know your place Leader of the Brilliant Stars, lemme tell you that if you didn't want to be annihilated heed my warning Sanguine!" He said as evident that he is iritated by the man who spoke to him.

"Then we will fight you as if we were ob ..." before he can finish his word, a husky voice of man said "Now!" And half of the members that on standby attacking their own guildmates.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING YO!" Said by Sanguine while trying to defend incoming attacks from his guildmates. Seeing his former guildmates rebeling to them as he killing them.

"I just exiling those incompetent and stubborn bastards that pass the oppurtunity to join the Olympus, Sanguine" said by Yo who has calm even after what happened before ray of light and vanishing.

"YOU BASTAARDS!" As they were bombarded by spells and players side to side. As he was about to remove his VR helmet he experience a sudden pain to his heart, hard to breathe and suddenly a phone opened up and displaying a call. -Vrrrrr Vrrrr-

*Tut* After accepting the call, he remember the voice in the other phone. "Hey bastard how dare youu!".

"Hey don't be mad Leader, Or should i call you Sanguine? Oh, and by the way thank you and enjoy your remaining time" as he only heard the -tut tut tut- signifying the call ended.

He sit and deeply close his eyes as he thought " Ah right, Yo, no Josh Marin betrayed me and I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU EVEN IN MY LIFETIME! I just wanted to be the Top player and enjoy a life, Sorry Grandpa."

Just as he about to prepare his death, He felt a pain through his body and opening his eyes seeing a healthy body but doesnt have a large build like before. Also wet because he is outside, and raining.

"This place, I remember this place isnt this the place Grandpa and i lived together?" After thinking, he ran through the old house and seeing an old man with almost pale color of face signifying of old age.

"Grandpa! Just wait i will call a help" remembering those memory he suddenly felt pain. But just he about to call a help, a old hand full of callus hold his hand "You didn't need to bother kid *cough cough* remember Lexxus to Play that game and be the Top player *cough cough* and Live well kid." As the hand hold his hand fell.

"GRANDPA!!, I swear Grandpa that i will claim the throne as the Top player of WoE." As he hugged the lifeless old man in front of him with his eyes of resolve and a Will to fight.

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