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Return of SwordMaster


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In year 2150, humanity's technology evolved, science advanced and flourished that helps the humanity survived. Through all this efforts many branches of sciences like medicines advanced through many years, and saved the humanity in extinction because of diseases. However, in 2150, most of humanity's long wait has finally come to an end as the release of VRMMO that can be seen by many oppurtunities and exploring the vast world, And the name of this game is World of Everlasting. ————————————————————— Lexxus Machstein, began his late journey, metting friends, and experiencing betrayal. The longesy friend he journeyed had betrayed me?! I swear even in death i will not forgive you. And follow the story of Lexxus taking the different path he takes before so he can climb to the top. ————————————————————— I am inspired in novels like RTLG, ROTWRTW So i hope you like my novel and also there is improvement and much larger scale. ————————————————————— Hello readers! If you want to donate and support my work you can send me donations in paypal my email is, johndenrick1912@gmail.com.


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