Reincarnated with the god of death’s system

Author: MercYURI
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What is Reincarnated with the god of death’s system

Read ‘Reincarnated with the god of death’s system’ Online for Free, written by the author MercYURI, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After dying a tragic death, a boy void of happiness is given the choice of reincarnating into a new world with abilities...


After dying a tragic death, a boy void of happiness is given the choice of reincarnating into a new world with abilities and affinities of his choosing. How will the MC live? How will he go about his daily life? With the abilities he obtains from different worlds of fiction he will strive to become strong, but he quickly realizes it won’t be without hardships…

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