Reborn: The Childe's Consort
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Reborn: The Childe's Consort


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What is Reborn: The Childe's Consort

Reborn: The Childe's Consort is a popular web novel written by the author Littlepunnie, covering REINCARNATION, ROMANCE, ADVENTURE, ACTION, CULTIVATION, FEMALE LEAD, MAGIC-AND-WEAPONS, FANTASTY, WITCHESANDWARLOCKS, FANTASTY ROMANCE, Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 34.6K readers with an average rating of 4.75/5 and 32 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 16 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


It was the year 1858. Heidi Magrita shivered against the cold, harsh wind. Around her feet is nothing but gore and death. Her eyes were blank and her heart numb. Bending her aching knees she looks down, unwilling to look away from the ugly sight of her dead child's hollowed, bleeding eye sockets. Her eyes was flooded with tears as the earth was covered with blood. She was killed, and was reborn. She travelled the lands of La San Niño to achieve the prowess she wanted to accomplish everything that was devoid in her past life. Green witches, Dark sorcerers, Black witches have scattered the lands of La San Niño. Holy witches was annihilated to achieve the so-called peace that all the races have now experienced. But what they did not know, that blood will cover the lands of La San Niño once again. Everything is out of control, no one was able to control the wisps of death. © Pinterest Cover Photo

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I may not be as promising as the other authors and yet I am here to express myself through my words of imagination. I am still a novice, I know nothing in terms of writing. I make mistakes in terms of grammar but writing is a process, the more you write the better you'll become. Anyways, let's all improve and do our best!


Wow, read it all in one go! The first chapters tell about the first revenge of the MC. I think the author made a good choice, with a "small boss" before developing the plot further, so that the readers get used to the style of writing. I found some grammar errors, and a couple of times I had problems understanding what the author meant. Overall, I understand what's happening, so I guess it's not such a big issue. The MC is the tough type, she takes her fate in her hands, and that's another positive point. Also, it's the first story I read with "Spanish" names, so it's kind of refreshing. Here people usually use german names when writing about nobility, so I needed like three seconds to adjust. The character names are easy to discern (which is not always the case, so another plus!). I'd like to know more about the ML, but I guess I'll have to wait :(


Awesome characters. Another unique approach to time jump and dialogue. I love the names in this book. I hope to be reading more of it. I'm glad you're not one to shy away from extreme scenes. Hope to see more chapters soon.


I-I don't know what to say about this. The story is intriguing, the characters feel real, no grammar mistakes from what I know and the sentances are easy to read. The only downside is that it leaves you wanting more..


Great idea, King! This idea of a novel includes so many things about spanish vocabulary, culture, and also some great characters that I find really interesting


I... Book.. So... Good!!!!!!!!! I love it so far. How the book is developing is pretty darn good. Since I have nothing else to say to fill up the post, I will say lots of words that describe the book. Great. Fantastic. Lovely. Funny. Amazing. Your welcome, cya!


Nicely written! Big plus for the fact that at the beginning you explained about the backgound and all author's notes. An Interesting storyline and expressive characters. Well done!


This felt like a really fresh take to the genre and I am quite interested to see the plot go forward and I hope you will keep up the consistency in writing as it is really good so far


I have only read begging chapters of this novel . and it really is interesting with strong female lead who is vengeful enough to tear her enemies and authors description of scenes are good and you can see that in the synopsis itself i feel.


First time I read a female lead novel and I love how sharp and vengeful woman can be when their tail is stepped on. Good read keep it up Author!


Hello, dear author! I just wanna tell you that you have a great story and it really hooked me in since the first chapter. Background and characters explanation was clear and that is just what everyone needs! Great job, author. Keep writing! 😉✨


"Reborn the Childe's Consort" is a good novel with the ever-loved Reincarnation theme. I have seen how the author had admitted to being a novice writer (and I wholly agree that we become better as we write on), so I cannot comment much on the grammatical issues and the flow of the story, but I can see potential in the plot itself. It is filled with drama, revenge, and a bit of humor, so I can see it becoming a great read for many readers.


Author do you how great you write! Yes!!! A big yes from me... Historical era...Lovers...Revenge... Wow... Everything is really great...The characters came out do well from your writing that you started liking them from start only...❤️❤️❤️They are vivid, original...and best....Great going author...I had goosebumps all over while reading... I loved it...I am really hooked to your story...keep it up...❤️❤️❤️


Historical Romance is my cup of tea. That being said, the story is very promising. I liked your writing style, there are some mistakes here and there nothing major, which is not visible since it is so engrossing. Keep it up!!


This story ahs great potential. Author's writing is very nice, with only some errors that can be overlooked when reading. Author describes the characters very vividly. The plot is developing nicely. Good luck in the contest, author.


Author SAMA! The really love the character designs and you have improved! You have an editor right!? Just keep on writing! I have full marks on the updating stability since you have updated 6 chapters in one week! Fighting! I saw you novel as an entry for WPC #141 hope you'll bring home the bacon!


It really do sounded like Victorian era, not flattering you dear Author but this novel has the potential! I hope you'll win WPC#141!! A must read novel, Historical-Romance-Fan-Fic, Royal romance, yes indeed a must read!


Wow, witches! And the protagonist and her ex husband already collided just a few chapters! I'll give this novel full marks! The tension creeps me out! A must read novel!


It is a slow paced novel, well, I am looking for new novels and I saw you novel as an entry for a contest. I've read your content and it was good.


I see you have rewritten your novel from the top.You have really matured this time.Your first novel is doing good, you should update more, read more information about your genre and keep it up!


The storyline is actually nice and well thought of. The characters are designed well and the way the author presents them is on my liking. In regards to writing quality, try reading more about English grammar as it would be a shame to not continue this story with good grammar. Aside from that, well done, author!


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