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Rebirth of Vastator


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What is Rebirth of Vastator

Rebirth of Vastator is a popular web novel written by the author OPxSILENT, covering ROMANCE, ACTION, ADVENTURE, REINCARNATION, COMEDY, SYSTEM, MODERN, CULTIVATION, GAME, Sci-fi genres. It's viewed by 4.9K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 4 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Where am I?" "Wait, Where's this?!" Fin didn't know where he is, but he knows that this is someone's bedroom. "Where am I now?" Fin was looking around him observing the place, but suddenly felt a burst of pain as memories and information rush through his brain. moments later... "What the fuck, I reincarnated? how does this possible?!" Fin wonders and he suddenly remembers an important thing, "Does the system exist here? How did I come here? Why did I come here?" Suddenly he heard a beeping tone inside his brain. [System Rebooting...] [System Starting...] [Host Iris, Age, Gender, Bloodtype, DNA, Genes Is Being analyzed for Host Avatar...] [Successfully Bind a Host!] [Knowing that 'System' Exist extra reward will be given,] -[Body Rejuvinating Candy x1]- -[Skill: ??? [Passive] Obtained!]- "..." "Wait, What?!" *Info* Synopsis Updated: 6/23/2020 - 10:06 PM Cover Photo Url: https://wallhaven.cc/w/eymzjk Uploader/Artist: (JoeJazz or JoeyJazz) ^If the artist of the book cover wants me to take it down and change it, I will do so just tell me. ;) *Info* I change the Sypnosis since my goal for this story is on set :D as I said in the review this will be a bit similar to 'BTICS' but they are completely different with each other, I have many things I need to improve, but as the story goes forward I also want to grow and be a great writer :D (Also I'm new to creating a novel and such, so expect many grammars, or spelling, etc, but I will try my best :D


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I Shamelessly put 5 stars on everything, Hahaha, I'm here just to tell you guys that I'm blindly writing and creating this novel, so It's a challenge for me since I'm also new to this, Creating a novel of my own, is always what I want, I can create my own world, I can share it, I wish for you to enjoy my novel, we are just starting so I wish for you guys to join me and enjoy every adventure that Fin will have :D Thank You :3


(Author) If you want to continue and read my novel please read this before that. Like I said in my other review that I'm creating this novel 'blindly' means I don't have a script when writing the chapter or what's going to happen in the future, but I created some like how the worlds going to end up being, what's going to happen to Fin, what type of system and what type of plot am I going to write, and while I'm writing some setting for my novel,I want you to know that this novel is going to be about 'game' and stuff, but I want more not just about creating a game, doing this and doing that, that's why I added something and while I was doing that I notice that my novel is going to be a bit similar to 'Black Tech Internet Cafe System', It's just a bit similar but very different :D I'm just saying so that many of you are aware :3 thank you <3


HEY HEY!!! If you have any suggestion about the story, voice it out, write a review and tell me :3 I will 100% read it hahaha, You can suggest to anything to me :3


It's great! I like how the advancement of the plot and the story itself is going. Accompanying Fin on his adventures would be quite exciting, watching his growth will be a wonderful experience. I would suggest that you should consider the types of planets out there and not just classify them as civilian planets. What I'm trying to say is that it's nearly impossible to live on a gas giant or a planet with thin to no atmosphere, so you could try uhh creating specialized areas or a dome in a colony only with the sole purpose of residing on that planet, but that's just an idea you can take it further. I am genuinely looking forward for the development of the story as well as the author's own progress on improving themselves for a better story for us to enjoy. I sincerely thank you Opx_Silent for making this! This is a gem- A Diamond in the Rough.


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