1 Drag to Hell

Year XX 2020

Fin an avid reader of different types of novel, but particularly like 'System' genre, as fin reading some of the latest novels, his phone suddenly vibrates, as he didn't want to be disturbed while reading so he always turns off his ringtone and his notification so that he can focus doing his things.

But seeing the name of the caller, he immediately picks up the phone and answer.

"Hello, David?"

"Hey, I just want to tell you something about the game."

"hmm? What about it? didn't we finalize the lunch of the game? Did something happened?"

"Actually there's something wrong with the game the bug tester recently submits his report and said that he found many bugs."

"Bugs? Just find the problem and fix it there's always a bug in a game so there's nothing we can do about it." fin casually said, since as a programmer he created many games and a something called 'Bug' will never disappear they will always exist.

"Yeah I know, but when we look at the source code and tries to find the main problem we didn't find any."

"I think that bug tester give you some false report,"

"I think so too, but he was not the only one that finds some but almost every bug tester we have also filed the same report" David responds, as he himself didn't know what's going on how did they find so many bugs in a game created by fin himself?

he knows how great a game creator fin is he is one of the top programmers in the world and that's not it, it's not because of that, that his name 'Fin' became famous and also not because of the game he created but because he didn't focus mainly on games but also on software he created some and that alone earned him at least millions of dollar while using some basic codings.

He was also famous for creating a virus named 'Got'cha' that virus wreck countless computers around the world, but what was shocking is that he didn't plan this virus to destroy the whole system of the world or to wreck countless of computers, he actually builds this virus while he was bored he created this simple file that the moment they open it the monitor will show some words 'Got'Cha' and instantly shut your computer down permanently.

He didn't know that many people would fall to that simple boring game since he creates that just to past some time.

"Well, I will look into it wait for me by the office." Fin reply


fin ended the call and finds it weird that his game has that many bugs he then stood straight up and make his way to his office.

As he reaches the parking lot, he saw a guy with a rugged jacket and at his side was also a guy but he was short and wears a plain black shirt he didn't find them weird since there are many beggars at the streets but when he saw that both of them was holding a knife, he frowns and horrified that the both of them will do something at him.

But as he glances at the two of them he immediately knows that he was not the target, but the other one walking down the stairs.

right, that moment he knows that something gonna happened he quickly took out his phone and tries to call the police moments later the call reached the other side and someone finally answers it.

"Hello, there are two people holding a knife I think they have a very bad motive."

"Ok sir, Where are you currently? What is your situation? Are you safe?"

"Yes, I am safe, but the woman may not Im currently at the Hodlings Hotel Parking Lot we are at the end of the parking lo-"

Before Fin finishes his sentence the two beggars quickly rush at the woman and point the knife at her belly.

"Give me all your money!" said the short guy.

"Please don't kill me." The woman was frightened and scared that this two guy will kill her, she started sobbing as she gave her bag to the short guy.

"Here, take my bag, just don't kill me."

"We will not, but your hot though since we are at the end of the parking lot do you want to have fun with the two of us?" said the beggar with a ragged jacket, at he smiles widely.

"No! Please I already gave you my bag." the woman response as she was very terrified.

"Hehehe, Why? because we are a beggar? don't worry missy we just clean our self up recently." the short guys said.

"No, please don't do thi-"

Before she finished his sentence the beggar with ragged jacket pinned her down.

"Hehehe we will be careful and gentle to you missy so you don't have to worry hehe-" the beggar with ragged jacket started laughing as he suddenly felt severe pain in his cheek.

Because when Fin saw that they already pin the lady he unhesitantly already rushes at him kick his face, forcing the beggar's body to lunch in the air and drop hard on the floor.



Fin then quickly reset his position and pull a left hook at the short beggar, the short guy was shocked when he saw that his pal was kicked in the face and lunch in the air, he hastily recovers from the shock and prepared himself to stab the guy with his knife, but he was a little bit late as he saw a left hook about to hit his face.




the short guy also drops on the floor, but Fin knows that this isn't the end, he looks around and saw that one of them is still lying on the floor, while the other one, the short guys is also knocked out, he then sighs in relief.

'It's a good thing that I didn't waste my time in my dad's martial arts, that was awesome I was so nervous, fuck.' Fin happily thought.

He then approaches the lady as he picks the bag in the side to return it to its owner.

"Are you ok?" the lady quickly approach him and worryingly ask.

"I'm then one that should ask you that, but I'm fine." Fin response and reassure the lady.

"Here's your bag make sure that you don't go out in a place like this next time." Fin reminds him.

"Yes, thank you so much but how are we going to deal with these two guys? do you want me to call the police?" the lady said.

"No need, I already called one." Fin replies.

"That's good." the lady sighs in relief but at that moment he saw a silhouette at the back of the man in front of him, she was scared and quickly yells.

"LOOK OUT!!!!" Yelled by the lady.

"What?!?" Fin was instantly alerted by the women as he quickly turns around and saw that the beggar with a ragged jacket is rushing at him, stabbing him straight at his side.

"Die!" the beggar yelled as he quickly stabs the Fin side.

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Fin's saw the knife was getting closer and closer to him, as he wants to dodge but because of the surprise attack of the beggar he was not prepared and staggered, the knife then successfully stab at him.

The beggar quickly let go of the knife, and Fin fell off with his knees and a line of red, drip at the side of his mouth he gravely looks at his side he knows that if he didn't receive any medical support within an hour he may die at a Blood Loss.

'Fucking shit! The knife hit something, Fuck! I don't fucking care anymore if I go to hell then I will drag you along with me.' Fin thought as he looks resentfully at the beggar with a ragged jacket, he also saw that the short guy also starting to stand up.

He then looks at the lady at his back and said.

"Lady, go call the cops again and also tell them to quickly send a medical emergency" Fin was looking at the lady at his back but after that sentence, he looks at the two guys standing side by side in front of him.

"But if I die, I will drag these two along with me to the hell." Fin smile as he doesn't care anymore since rage filled him up and the only thing he currently wants is to kill these two in front of him.

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