212 Win back everything!

"Shut up. Don't say anything. In a second, someone will trade with you for an item." 

"Accept it and then fight one more round. If you can't win even this time, then don't bother sticking around in the guild."

"Your 5% guild shares will be dissolved to settle your debt and pay for all the gold that you lost by so foolishly acting, without even thinking for a minute."

"Just how useless are you?"

"You have dragged our name in the mud enough. Stop making a fool out of yourself and finish this fight fast."

Victor's face paled as he sat and silently heard all the shit that was raining down on him. "Guild leader… I…" 

He truly had no words to explain himself and unfortunately for him, the other party was not done talking yet. "Did I allow you to speak?"

"Don't think I don't know all the background nonsense that you have been up to." 


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