140 He is groping her!

Seeing Mei Mei fight so well, Shen Yue also targeted a rabbit and ran over to it. Her fight was a lot more different as she had to personally confront the rabbit.

Liam shifted his gaze observing her fighting style now. Just like his sister, he also did not have high hopes for her.

But he didn't dare make assumptions as his sister was bashing down the rabbits one after the other on the side.

So he just silently watched her first.


Shen Yue dashed towards the rabbit, bringing down the sword in her hands. Her movements were a bit clumsy and the sword completely missed the rabbit.

And because she had aggroed the beast, it shrieked in anger and started attacking her back with its horn.

Shen Yue, however, did not seem afraid. Perhaps because it was fighting back at her, she began to attack it even more fervently.

Bam! Slash! Bam! Slash!


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