84 Again!!

"Calm down, sis." Rey smiled awkwardly but he quickly looked away as soon as his sister gave him a death glare.

"We fucking ran that dungeon a dozen times and still did not unlock the hard mode and this bastard somehow did that!" Alex was furious.

"Sis, we already have the first clear and the dungeon record for the normal mode. So why not just let this go?"

"Are you serious? I already told you about our situation and why we are investing in this game and you still dare to be carefree?"

Seeing that Alex was ready to grill Rey, Mia sighed and finally intervened. "Let him be, Alex. I don't want you guys to be stressing out so much. My parents wouldn't have wanted that either."

"I already told you. If it means that we have to let go of that company, then we will. It will be fine."

"Ah… Sorry. I didn't mean to…" Alex didn't want to hurt her feelings. She knew that she was very upset and just not showing it outside.


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