Pursuit of Love : Adorable Husband and Precious Wife
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Pursuit of Love : Adorable Husband and Precious Wife


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What is Pursuit of Love : Adorable Husband and Precious Wife

Pursuit of Love : Adorable Husband and Precious Wife is a popular web novel written by the author KCChakry, covering ARRANGED MARRIAGE, DOTING HUSBAND, ROMANCE, MODERN, STRONG FEMALE LEAD, SWEET LOVE, SPIRITYAWARDS, SPIRITYAWARDSSPRING2020, HUSBANDANDWIFE, MARRIED COUPLE, Contemporary Romance genres. It's viewed by 31.2K readers with an average rating of 4.73/5 and 27 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 18 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Lucian and Violette are two different people from two different worlds with two different mindsets. But they are alike in more ways than it seems. Still grieving her parents’ death, Violette never had any thoughts of finding a prince charming or leading a happy life. She built impenetrable cold, hard walls and isolated herself from the outside world in order to protect her grieving heart and wounded body. That's when HE came into her life. After overcoming his mother’s death and a tough period of depression, Lucian went through many setbacks and successes in order to stand back on his feet. But then he lost his interest in everything and began drifting across the land without a purpose or goal. That's when he found HER. They both agree to marry the other to fulfill the last wish of a dying old man whom they both consider dear than family, so he could let go of his worries and rest easy knowing they would have each other going forward. Although they were pushed into the relationship under unusual circumstances, as they begin their new journey together, they find themselves slowly drawn to each other in more ways than one. Both wounded and seeking warmth in a place far away from home. But will they be able to come together and stand beside each other, hand in hand? The red string of fate had intertwined their destinies together and as they continue their journey, they will realize they belong together. - - - This is my entry for the Spirity Awards so if you like the story, please support it with a power stone or two. Also reviews are always welcome and appreciated. Cover: Mine, so, do not use it .

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Author here, to say something good about the story. Hehe Writing Quality and Stability of Updates: I have confidence in my writing and storytelling ability. I may not be able to write a chapter every day, but every chapter I publish will be thoroughly edited and free of grammatical errors and inconsistencies. I take extra time and make sure my readers have a smooth reading experience. Currently, I'm updating one chapter per week but I'm working on providing more regular updates and will try to update as frequently as possible. That being said I guarantee the quality of my writing and the story will not deteriorate. Story Development and Character Design: I tend to start my novels at a slow pace. The first 15 or so chapters will be slow, as I like to take my time establishing the tone and personality of the main leads and the other important supporting characters. As such, the later chapters will pick up speed. And don’t take the main characters at their face value, as Lucian is not just a CEO, actually its just his temporary title. He is much more and his actually profession is something cool and interesting. In similar way, Violette is not just a damsel in distress and she won’t join the entertainment industry which is a go to in almost all such novels. In fact, she is an architect and most of the story will revolve around the fields of building construction and business administration. Every other character also has their purpose, backstory and will have their happy ending. But maybe not all characters. Some of them deserve to be face slapped and taught a lesson, right? Hehe. The characters all have diverse personalities and are grounded with their own life events happening which will tie in with the main plot later on. Speaking of main plot, it isn’t all about romance and fluff, but there is a major plot brewing in the background with all the intrigues of mystery as we unravel it slowly one layer at a time. Also, the kids will be the highlight of the story. Yes, there are more than one kid and no, the focus of the story will still be the husband and wife, but the kids will play a significant role which I’m sure will be very entertaining to read. World Background: Story is set in the few fictional cities located in Canada and parts of Europe. We will explore those when we get to it. And lastly, I would love to read serious critique tearing apart my book than an obligatory 5 star review. Im not saying I dont like 5 star reviews, I love them and I will be humbled if you feel so. But dont think too much about how to put together a proper review. Even a silly comment saying 'LOVE THE STORY SOOOO MUCH. PLEASE UPDATE MORE' will be appreciate just as much. Thanks for reading my story!


First sentence i like this story. Thank you for this story author. 1. The starting is nicely laid out. Charlie match making VIollette - her quiet demeanor not resisting outwardly while fulfilling Charlie’s final wish - i felt this is portrayed effectively and excellently through the use of words and language expressively. 2. The subtle understanding from Lucian’s character on Violette’s predicament, the gentle, caring nature is nicely described from just reading the initial chapters. 3. Violette’s character - looking forward to uncover more on her past...reading about her intrigued me as a reader so well done in placing the little curiosity trigger. 4. The other characters - Jake the slightly cheeky notorious brother and the mother and daughter at the food truck their introduction into the plot brings added humour and colour so good stuff 5. I foresee interesting chapters ahead how things will work out for both Lucian and Violette. i enjoy reading the self conflict portrayed for Violette through your wrIting. The use of langauge, analogy and description all very vivid. Keep up the good work and well done!


Wanna know something ?! I haven't read the novel yet but I am writing this review with full confidence one and only because of the sypnosis . Have you ever read a sypnosis as amazing as this??!! No right ! And the way she portrayed it is awesome I'm gonna read this novel after my online classes coz this is my break 😝 Until then bye bye 😘❤️


If not for the slow rate of updates this novel would be a hit for me. Why? The characters are fleshed out. The story/plot intrigues me when it comes to the future of it. And what strikes me the most is to have the chance to create bonds with these unique characters. Now that I'm typing this, I think that the once a week schedule is why the quality is so high. . . Anyways, getting back onto the review itself. To which I have one more thing to say, "Author! Make us more chappies!"


That was a very good story and I'm looking forward to read more. Writing quality is top notch and I really can't find any grammar mistakes( I'm still in learning stage...so I really don't know much) . Author did a very good job in description part and keep up the good work dear author. I believe in perfection rather than completion... So as for updates of the story, I don't have any complaints. I'm cheering for you author. This five star rating is for the authors hard work and please do continue to deliver such more good works.


This if fluff at its prime. I like the story as it paints a warm feeling in me. This is pink hearted for the most part and reading it makes me sport a foolish grin (Man, it was embarrassing when my family members saw me staring at my laptop screen and grinning like an idiot). The father character is really well written, and feels like someone to look up to. The author's ample grasp of the language allows her to play with words and mess with us reader's feeling haha


The story seems to be pretty interesting specially about the fact that the husband is doting. I really like to read stories where we have a wife slave as well as daughter slave. Do give it a read


The synopsis pretty much summaries it all😂 tbh, i like the plot and development, i really wanted to uncover the MC's past and all. The writing style is easy to understand, it is really good. Grammar? I think there was no mistake. Great work Author! Keep updating


I really love how characters are noticing the subtle things about each other . How both seem so strong yet fragile. And the male characters are so empathetic and making you wish there are more people like them in this world.


The plot here is completely different and unique, it has the ability to attract readers very well. The storyline, the characters, the opening scene all are on point. Really been a while since I found a great book like this. Keep doing what your doing coz it's really awesome!


Pursuit of Love: Adorable Husband and Precious Wife, is a work of romance by KCChary. It was a pleasure to read the novel. The title itself evokes a sense of relationship. The book revolves around the life a woman named Violette. After a final wish from Charlie, an old man who is treated as family for the two parties, Violette was persuaded to marry a man whom she is bitter to. The man goes by the name, Lucian. Personally, what I love about the book is the contrast between the two. One is prideful and a bit bitter to her husband, the other is caring, patient, and sweet. I've read novels similar to this, and so far, it's a great read. The book itself contains all the elements of a good romance novel, but it follows a common trope. Just by the synopsis, one could easily predict what will happen next. When writing a synopsis, your aim is to gather the attention of readers, not describe and predict what will happen or what the characteristics of the characters are. If one would read the synopsis, they would automatically figure out that in the end, they get together even if they were once far apart. As much as possible, characters should be hidden, plot shouldn't be spoiled, characteristics shouldn't be shown. I will give an example of what a synopsis should be like: "The romance of the desert has the power to seduce. I ask you, have you ever loved so much? Been so possessed by jealousy, that you might kill?" -Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie, movie adaptation. Another way to make a great synopsis is through figurative language. I will give an example: "The people applauded as their hearts raced to see who would triumph over the final flames. Then came the men who couldn’t live by their mistakes and there, the truth was revealed; she couldn’t accept it. Time fell under these men as they aimed to repeat what was forgotten." -Time and Order by NK_Cruz The synopsis above can grab the attention of many. One would ask: What was forgotten? Who were these men? What did the author mean by the final flames? What mistakes did these so-called men do? Who is this "she"? This is only a suggestion that I would like to say. You can still keep it if you want, or you could change things up a bit. The important thing when making a synopsis is that it makes the readers wonder or question themselves. It motivates them to read. When it comes to grammar, I couldn't find any flaw. Most are correct, some are technically correct. Punctuation marks were used properly except for the "over-dosage" of ellipses in the first chapter. The descriptions are vivid; this includes character design and world building. Overall, the plot is good, though it follows a common trope. Nothing wrong with that; I can see the author has written some twists of her own. As for the stability of updates, I'm uncertain of whatever that means since I'm new here. I'll just rate it five. To close my criticism, I would like to compliment the author for his or her novel. Word choice is absolutely brilliant. -Dann Giovanni.


Read a beautiful written story with some romance, a bit of angst, and a few surprises along the way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be looking out for more stories from this author.


I only have praises for this book. The writing style is amazing. There weren't any grammatical errors as such either. As of the twelve chapters, I can't say much about the plot so I'd like to wait and see where the story goes but I have high expectations and I'm sure the author will do a great job. This book has a lot of potential. Keep writing!


I loved this book. The beginning is interesting. I foubd no mistakes in this book and the plot is fantastic. I am into these types of books and it really made me mesmerised.


Personally not a fan of Contemporary Romance, but the synopsis was well-written enough to draw me in. The writing quality of this novel is exceptional - completely flawless. Perhaps switching it around a bit instead of beginning nearly every paragraph with a character name or a pronoun could entice some feelings of freshness, but that's up to the author. Stability of updates is slow, but this novel is the embodiment of quality over quantity. No complaints. Good work, author! Keep it up.


Hello there! I read all nine chapters and this is my review. (Sorry if I took long, I was quite busy handling other swaps too.) Here is my review: So far, I love the character interaction. The plot is interesting, it was able to hook me right from the start despite not being an avid reader of this genre this novel belongs to. The paragraphs are in the perfect length, and nothing to criticize about the punctuation. One thing I noticed is that the pace is a bit slow but not as in super slow unlike other novels. The author is detailed (which I like) when it comes to describing characters so I was able to portray how they looked in about a few paragraphs. Writing Quality is definitely perfect. No errors, no typos. As for the stability of updates, it's great since I prefer quality over quantity. It's fine if chapters take long to publish at least it is not rushed unlike others. Good job to the author! As for the descriptions, they're wonderful. I was able to portray the scenarios and I felt like I was in the novel, watching whatever the characters were doing as if I was eavesdropping and stalking them. I wish all the best to the author!


Firstly, the writing is flawless. The author really has a good grasp of words and how to use them to convey emotions. There aren't any spelling errors or word misuse, everything flows according to the narrative. The flow is really smooth, I just started reading and suddenly it ended lol The interactions between Lucian and Violette are so sweet and fluffy. They really are perfect for eachother. Lucian seems like a really good guy and Violette really seems like she's been through a lot. I really hope she can heal as they continue their journey together. One little problem, chapter updates are fairly small but as they say its quality over quantity. I accept that author wants to release slowly, but I'd really love to read more 😔 I'll just patiently wait for more chapters


Wow, The Author has written a wonderful story! The story is written magnificently, and the author focuses on character development, making the story and the plot delightful. The characters are rich and well rounded. The plot is very smooth and the dialogues are relatable. There is already a lot of suspense about the background of the characters making the story suspenseful and the readers curious about what is to come. Well done, a great story!


The story is really amazing. There's not much about the characters background yet but I instantly choose Jake as my favorite because of his easy to go and funny nature. Gina also sounds like a fun secretary. While talking about our male lead Lucian, he's already head over heels for his wife Violette, a sweet woman. The pace of the story is slow as the author is focusing on the character development. But overall, I really enjoyed the chapters. Good work author!!


I liked the detailed description in the first chapter. There is something to learn. Interestingly shown character. An intriguing and fascinating story. The quality of the text block is good, easy to read. This is a promising novel, the author can only wish to keep the pace of updates! Bravo, good work, author!


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