Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer
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Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer


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What is Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer

Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer is a popular web novel written by the author GreatSage_Master1, covering HAREM, MATURE, ECCHI, MARTIAL-ARTS, FANTASY, REAL WORLD, DEMONS AND GODS, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 420.2K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 4 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 21 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Eight years ago, a fire killed Kaguya Bertram and her husband, Julian Bertram, leaving their only son alive. The house was burned in black flames, from which the boy was rescued intact despite being in the center of the fire. After the accident, the boy remembered nothing. Ryujin Egun is the heir to Japan's prestigious Suijin family. Although he is adopted, he is the heir because he is the eldest son and because of his adoptive father's desire not to get his only daughter in trouble because of their surname. Although he doesn't remember anything about his past before he was adopted, Egun loves his family very much and is happy with them. He would do anything for his family, even take a spear and become an assassin. He is like a coin. The pretty face is Ryujin Egun, the perfect heir, and the ugly face is Lancer, one of the most recognized killers in the dark world. His life went perfectly until a werewolf attacked him one night. What is his true identity? What were those black flames? Will there be a well-kept secret behind the incident eight years ago?


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Hi guys! Here is the author giving a shameless review... a cliché introduction, why not? Ok, I'm going to give a little introduction to the novel. Like the tags says, this is going to be a Harem novel. But not like the ones that the girls follow the boy without any sense. They all have their personality, probably some of them could be cliché, but what type of character isn't a cliche nowadays? There are going to be girls that don't fall out for the mc and fall for other men characters. There are going to be boys who are friends of the Mc that are going to have importance in the novel. The novel has an Mc, but it will also follow the progress of other characters. There aren't incomprehensible power-ups... I'm not going to write any filler chapters; I don't like them. If I write, it's is going to be with a reason like the development of feelings between characters, some random information that I need to introduce, etc... Just take a look! I hope you enjoy my novel! I'm open to suggestions in the reviews!


For those of you who wonder why you have this novel in your bookstores. It's simple, I deleted the content of the other novel that had no future and I'm going to use it for this new novel. You are free to stop following this novel, I don't care at all (well, a little yes, XD), but I hope you can at least give it a chance. Thanks for your time.


I'm going to give you 4 stars. I have only read ten chapters, but the book seems pretty good. The characters are well describe and there are also some funny scenes. I'm waiting more from you, Author-Sama.


Just wanna to say that,this book is good, the plot is ok, and the MC think rationality.so yeah,my happiness is immeasurable, and my day is saved


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