Pokemon: The Journey Begins!
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Pokemon: The Journey Begins!


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What is Pokemon: The Journey Begins!

Read Pokemon: The Journey Begins! fanfiction written by the author CLP_PokemonArceus on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, action, adventure, r18, pokemon. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


The goal of all pokemon trainer is to have their pokemon battle against other pokemon in order for their pokemon to get stronger. If a pokemon gets enough battle experience, it could evolve into another, more powerful creature. In order to be a good pokemon trainer, you must capture a lot of pokemon, train some of them to be really strong in pokemon battles, and most importantly, you must get your pokemon to love you and trust you, or else they won't obey you! This Pokemon fan fiction follows the adventures of Clan Eclairè, a pokemon trainer from Twinleaf Town, who will travel through the different regions of the pokemon world with his friends, meeting all kinds of people and pokemon, stopping evil organizations from stealing and controlling rare pokemon, battling against other trainers and gym leaders, and all the while, Clan Eclairè tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a someone great. .... In every chapter, it contained 1800 - 3500 words in average. ... I'm a 3N person. NO Harem. NO System. NO Cheats. ... If you want to support me in my own journey as a Pokemon Author. An Author that would focus in making Fan Fictions of Pokemons, go to the website: Patreon . com/(not yet available). In here you can find yourself reading chapters ahead of others but in exchange of donating/paying me for the service. For those who are interested, you may go to the website for further explanation.


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I'll take up the ride of shameless five-star creator review. Hello! I'm Arceus! The one and only. There's nothing for me to say specially important, but, I should say to you guys I'll update five chapters every week or twenty chapters every month. Don't expect for a mass release, I'll be going through this slow and steady, I want this fan fiction to live, unlike the two of my sleeping children, Kyogre and Groudon. Anyway, have a good day and enjoy reading, see ya.


One Word Review: Decent. I will start with the Pros and then go with the cons which may or may not help the author. Pros: Different approach to a pokemon fanfiction by making MC not know much about pokemon even if he is from Earth. Author is trying to build a personality to the characters which is good. Interesting choice of pokemon and author also does a good job of not just giving away hidden abilities like many fan fictions do. Cons: Slow Pace (too slow for it's own good). Approach is different but story seems plain and bland at places(cliche too). Advice to author: People who read Fanfic are very familiar with Pokemon so you don't need to explain in detail about every Pokemon or try to build a thing like what Pokemon type it is and stuff. For example, MC asking what type his 2nd Pokemon is and Nurse Joy trying to build a suspense for two chapters doesn't really interest readers, it seems like a drag. Because the one who is reading it already knows even though the MC doesn't. Slow pace novels might be a good build-up for characters and world background but you seem to get lost in the idea of keeping it slow for the sake of it. There are number of scenarios where I felt, it did not help the character or the story in any way. You really need to interest the readers even if it is paced slow, so try creating interesting scenarios to make up for it. If you don't like my review then ignore it, if you do, then it's good for your story too. Trust me, I wrote Pokemon fanfic on this site and I am not blindly advising. Anyways good luck with the improvements in the book. I will review it again if it changes ✌️


Reveal spoiler


keep up the good work .


a good novel and the author is somehow funny i think this is the first fic i read that the mmc have a torchic and an axew seems interesting for me


Very good work! Author know his stuff, the mentality of people their age, the interaction on daily basis, Pokémon interactions and so much more. Overall a story to be sought, seeing how much Author put his thoughts in it. Also chapter length is a plus😁


So far pretty poggers. The characters are fleshed out but kinda cliche in some areas if you ask me. Don't really like pokemon nicknames but otherwise this is pretty good.


The novel is fine, but the character's name confused me in the early chapters, as I believed it was a clan, not a single character. [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥 promising novel 💥


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Keep it up autHor sama!!! [img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


COntinue this it's nice it has a lot by lot i mean huge potential.its slow paced not some fanfic where mc starts his journey right of the bat with no explanation of the world background.That is why i started to like slow paced because it covers everything not just mc but other characters also get their moments.This story can be epic if it continues do not drop this


I'm worry your other work never last long, what happen? But I say this is something I love since pokemon was my fund memory since I was kid. good luck in this


Another one bites the dust ______________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


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