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Pokemon: The Journey Begins!


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The goal of all pokemon trainer is to have their pokemon battle against other pokemon in order for their pokemon to get stronger. If a pokemon gets enough battle experience, it could evolve into another, more powerful creature. In order to be a good pokemon trainer, you must capture a lot of pokemon, train some of them to be really strong in pokemon battles, and most importantly, you must get your pokemon to love you and trust you, or else they won't obey you! This Pokemon fan fiction follows the adventures of Clan Eclairè, a pokemon trainer from Twinleaf Town, who will travel through the different regions of the pokemon world with his friends, meeting all kinds of people and pokemon, stopping evil organizations from stealing and controlling rare pokemon, battling against other trainers and gym leaders, and all the while, Clan Eclairè tries to fulfill his dream of becoming a someone great. .... In every chapter, it contained 1800 - 3500 words in average. ... I'm a 3N person. NO Harem. NO System. NO Cheats. ... If you want to support me in my own journey as a Pokemon Author. An Author that would focus in making Fan Fictions of Pokemons, go to the website: Patreon . com/(not yet available). In here you can find yourself reading chapters ahead of others but in exchange of donating/paying me for the service. For those who are interested, you may go to the website for further explanation.


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