8 Chapter 7 : Set and Go!

I woke up around 11 AM, I definitely pushed too hard yesterday. Gotta find a balance so I don't burn out, well that can wait till after we steamroll Brock. Now that I've made that revolutionary discovery about tails we can take our training to the next level.

I quickly shower and run right out of the Pokecenter, I waved to Nurse Joy while running out who smiled amused at me. Buizel who was beside me started weaving again, he is truly dedicated to the grind.

I made it to the lake around 12:30 PM and so we began, I started it off with the lake pokemon shooting Water Guns at Buizel from every angle possible. Now yes this is revenge for yesterday but also learning to weave past moves is the next step he needs.

But the stupid otter quickly turned the tide on me, he started to weave past quite a few of the attacks. So I called Buizel to start moving while dodging, that upped the difficulty a lot and so we were back to watching Buizel get ping ponged between attacks.

We took a break for some time after that massacre that Buizel endured, he keeps staring at me with a 'What did I do to you?!' look on is face that I'm gonna completely ignore.

"Buizel here, attach these rocks to your tails." I said while handing over two smaller rocks with strings attached. Buizel stared at me like he wanted to beat me the fuck up so I quickly explained why we were going to do this. Once he understood, his eyes gleamed again and he quickly started training.

I needed Buizel to gain an intrinsic control of his tails while being very strong as well, that was going to be our key to boosting Buizels speed to the level we need. I left Buizel to weight lifting and went up to Teddiursa who was watching Buizel in awe.

"Sup little guy." I said with a small smile as Teddiursa jumped slightly at being caught watching.

"Buizel trains that hard not because I tell him to, it's because he wants to be the strongest." I said to Teddiursa who looked up at me while I was speaking. The little guys eyes widen hearing that and he looks back at Buizel training with sweat dripping all over him.

Buizel and I call it a day and head back around 8 PM, we headed straight to the room and reviewed our training session. I took multiple videos of Buizel during his dodging training and weight training, I corrected his form and made him aware of bad habits that were forming, better to crush these habits early on.

We kept this same routine for another 4 days, tirelessly working to perfect the way Buizel moves. But we also started to work on Buizels attacking moves. Water Gun and Sonic Boom were the most practiced moves, both moves can now be fired significantly faster than before and Buizel can launch two Sonic Booms at the same time, one with each tail.

The strength training has not been all I had hoped for but Buizel has indeed incorporated its tail into its fighting style a lot more. Now the real surprise here is Teddiursa, that little bundle of joy started training with us.

Teddiursa started weight training with Buizel by lifting some small rocks, he would get tired really easily but kept at it because Buizel was going nonstop. I then remembered that Teddiursa knew Rain Dance, so I made him use it to activate Buizels Swift Swim ability.

I wanted Buizel to be familiar with this next level of speed he is capable of reaching, and also try to learn Rain Dance for himself. Moving at high speeds was the most challenging thing for Buizel, the rain boosted his reflexes as well so high speed movements became easier for Buizel to control.

I feel I've done all the prep work needed to beat Brock now, technically I've got an extra day left till the week deadline but honestly Buizel isn't improving much anymore. I guess pure training can only get you so far, we need some high intensity battles to push us to that next level.

"Everyone gather around, I've got an announcement to make." I said to the little ducklings of the lake, they truly are adorable little guys who follow everything I say.

"Buizel and I completed our training, the next time we come back will probably be around 1 year later." I said to which the pokemon started sobbing, I patted a few on the head as I continued.

"I want all of you to get stronger so you can protect yourselves alright?" I said to them as they nodded their heads obediently as usual, I waved them goodbye as we started to walk away from the lake.

As we were leaving the little honey licking bear came toddling towards me and jumping into my arms, not gonna say I'm surprised but it does feel good to have a pokemon as cute as Teddiursa want to come with me. And I was also pretty upset Buizel couldn't learn Rain Dance in time, so now I'll still have that ace in the hole.

"So you wanna come with us?" I asked Teddiursa who nodded like a bobble head, I chuckled and caught him with the Pokeball in my hand. Well that makes two pokemon that I own now. I sure as hell ain't using Teddiursa against Brock though. As much effort as Teddiursa put into training, he was still weak as fuck by my standards. Now that I think about it, I don't know his move set. I pulled out my Pokedex and pointed it at Teddiursas pokeball.

"Teddiursa, the Little Bear Pokemon. Teddiursa is a Normal Type, If it finds honey, its crescent mark glows. It always licks its paws because they are soaked with honey. Ability: Pickup. Gender: Male, Height: 1'50 - Attacks: Baby-Doll Eyes, Fury Swipes, Lick, Play Rough, Rain Dance, Counter." informed the Pokedex.

God damn, is every pokemon I catch gonna have some really useful moves? Counter on Teddiursa is perfect till he evolves into an Ursaring.

I end up getting back to the Pokecenter and settling in for the night quite early, I've got a gym battle to take tomorrow and so I need to be as rested as humanly possible. Buizel took the training lighter than usual today to be sure he was read as well.

Well all is set and ready to go, tomorrow we get our first gym badge!

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