220 CH89 (219), Stubborn Boy To Stubborn Guy?!? (3)

After settling the first 10 Spearow the 17 that woke up afterward got their explanation from the early birds, *heh*, and I just confirmed what they relayed.

I kept an eye on them for the next 20 minutes after everyone woke up to make sure no one made any problems, and thanks to Utopia being Utopia they settled without making any ruckus.

Once their introduction ended, I began to consider which land-bound species to choose as the other resource species. I was planning to add one beside the Spearow.

The most obvious choices would be Rattata, Sentret, and Zigzagoon, since they were the most abundant species on the northern continent that was not a bug type or a water type, *cough* Magikarp *cough*.

Mareep was an option as well, that could actually provide more than just meat, but somehow, due to my own bias, using the Mareep line as a resource species felt like a waste. That had to be because I actually like Ampharos.

Hmm, maybe Bidoof could be used as well, but then I would have to import quite a number of them since they were more prevalent on the southern continent and rather rare on our northern continent.

No, it seemed that using one out of Rattata, Sentret, and Zigzagoon made the most sense. The question that arose now was, at what point I was willing to send them off to their next great adventure. To be honest I did not want to do so until they lived a majority of their natural lifespan.

The problem with that was that the shortest lifespan among them was at 15 years and that was without considering the increase in lifespan due to evolution or increases in strength.

Especially the last one, which could double, triple the lifespan or more depending on how high the stage was, and I was thinking of allowing them to progress as much as they could since that would increase the quality of my harvest.

I didn't have to worry about them gaining sapience by getting stronger anyway. Still, that did not help me with the lifespan problem. Being able to speed up the flow of time inside the subspace would have been really useful right now.

There were a few candidates I could think of besides the legendaries that could mess with time but traveling to a point in the past was not the same as manipulating the time flow in a certain area, so I'd have to shelf that for now.

Since I'd have to wait for them to become strong and proficient enough to do so, which would not help with my problem in the close future. Still, it was food for thought.

I have to think about that more, for now collecting them is enough. Let them stay inside the subspace and propagate, I'll leave thinking about the rest to future-me.

Keeping regular cows and sheep was much easier. I think I'll buy some regular cows as well as an alternate meat source. Normally they have a lifespan of around 20 years, so I'll set the minimum age for slaughter to 15 and the maximum to 18.

I knew that cows in my previous life only survived for 5 years. I always thought that was a bit too cruel, so my policies might be because I was influenced by that info.

The threshold I set will allow them to live out a majority of their lifespan, and thanks to Utopia making sure they stay in top shape until death I won't have to worry about tough or unpalatable meat.

Moreover, cows would give milk as well. I researched this topic when I found out there were regular animals on Terra. The pregnancy period for cows on Terra was about 10 months.

The regular milk giving period was 20 months, which was 10 in my previous life, but I was pretty sure I could let Utopia extend that to 36 months, a full year, without harming the cow.

For the first 18 months, I would only take what the calf did not drink per day. After that, all milk would be taken since the calf would be weaned off at that point.

Also considering the pregnancy period, it was theoretically possible to have 3 calves per year, but I decided to set it to 1 pregnancy every year and a half per cow at maximum. That would give the previous calf some time to grow up with the mother.

I knew that an acre of land/grass could feed 10 cows for 5 days, and since the growth rate of even the E-class vital grass was currently only 3 days, I could use that number for my plans.

Moreover, I could prolong the grass's growth time to 5 days to compensate for the low amount of energy the cows contributed to Utopia. That way we wouldn't have to use our reserves and the cow farm would be self-sufficient.

I was not planning to plant anything besides different kinds of grass as fodder for the cows. Now, considering all that, 360k m² were roughly 89 acres, so I could keep 890 cows in such an area.

Now, taking all my previous decisions and information into account, I decided to buy 150 cows at the age of 15 and up. Since Utopia would make sure they were in top form until they died, I did not need to worry about illness and so on.

I would further buy 300 cows from the ages 8 to 12 for breeding purposes along with 30 bulls from the ages 8 to 12. Another 150 cows and 15 bulls aged 3 to 5 would be bought to ensure a constant cycle until the first calves were born.

That would make a total of 660 cows and bulls, which gave me breathing room in case the number increased faster than it reduced which was certainly possible. I ultimately decided to assign 400k m² to them, and as soon as I made that decision I had Utopia isolate that area.

I used the tonnes of F-class Wild Grass, Tall Grass, Vibrant Grass, Fragrant Grass, as well as Vital Grass I had accumulated during my starting years, and transplanted them onto the grass field of the cow farm.

There was not enough to cover the whole field, since I had stopped growing them after a certain point, but that would happen over the next few days. There was less than 15% missing anyway.

I also added a few harmless flowers on the field for optic purposes, and a few large trees since I had read somewhere that cows like to sleep beneath those in the wild.

Once I was done with all of that, I took a look at my watch and saw that there were only 20 minutes after 3 p.m, so I went online and searched for the closest eight largest cow farms to our home.

I called them and asked if they were willing to sell some of their cows to me, and after getting their consent I visited them. Still, before I left I made a brief stop inside Utopia and had Ali/Ralts copy Shedinja's Wonder Guard.

I left after that was done. Ultimately, I had to visit all eight farms and then another 3 farms on top of that to get all 660 cows and bulls I wanted, but at the end of more than 6 hours, I was the proud owner of a lot of cattle.

I had to take a brief break to check up on Eggy an hour ago, but that took only 5 minutes, so it was not a problem. The way I transported them was pretty simple as well. I told the previous owner to gather them in one area before I called out Horus/Xatu.

I told him my plan and began to act as if he was teleporting them away in groups while I was in truth relocating them inside Utopias subspace each time Horus teleported away on his own.

The amount of money I had to pay was both pretty big and small at the same time. Big if we look at the sum itself and small if we compared what I bought in comparison to what some Pokemon could cost.

Anyway, I paid a grand total of 3.850.000 Poke for 660 cows and bulls. Well, the actual price was 3.823.000 Poke, and the additional 27k Poke was to persuade the owners to sell their cows or to meet up with me after 7 p.m, which considering that it was 10:13 p.m had been necessary.

I didn't want to waste another day on this, so I finished everything today, even if it got really late. Anyway, I was back home now and instead of eating my more than late dinner, I began checking up on my cattle.

I had separated them into groups with 10-15 members with one bull and one or two older cows in each group, and it seemed they had all settled right in. They were all lying on the grass in their groups beneath a tree sleeping.

Once I saw that I made myself some pasta and while eating my spaghetti I decided to organize the Pokemon side for the subspace some other time since I had enough of that for a while.

The next morning I saw that everything was peaceful inside the fauna subspace. The Spearow were just chilling or flying around their area, while the cows were simply grazing or lying around. The bulls were a bit more active, but they weren't making any problems as well.

Once I was sure that everything was fine I focused back on my routine. Tomorrow was Palkiday, so the day after that my parents were coming for a visit, and I would be a bit busy with other stuff.

Hence, I chose to focus some more on training myself and my Pokemon for today and tomorrow. I went through an hour of sparring, before supervising the training of everyone for the next three hours.

Before checking up on Eggy I made and served some lunch to everyone. That was followed by working on either the moves or their resistance training for two hours.

I gave everyone the next hour off and they wanted to play games during that time, so we played a few rounds of tag. We went through an hour of parameter training before it was time for me to prepare dinner.

Dinner was followed by another hour of relaxation before we did a final hour of parameter training. I timed it perfectly since my 8:30 p.m alarm went off, so I went to checkup on Eggy, before calling over everyone and watching a movie together with them a la open-air cinema.

I did that by opening the TV and projecting what was playing onto the sky of Utopia using the channel between Terra and Utopia. Even Shedinja, and Gaia/Nidoqueen as well as Seb/Nidoking's parents joined in on the fun.

I handed out a lot of soft drinks and juice as well as some snacks made from berries and sugar or honey. Once the movie was over everyone dispersed and I went to bed.

The next morning, after my spar, I was once again supervising everyone's parameter training, when an hour into the session Ali bound over excitedly.

It took nearly a whole year, roughly 30 months, but he finally did it. Over the last 8 months, he had successfully raised nearly all his parameters once, including energy density a few days ago, and only vitality had been missing.

At least that had been the case until now. He told me he felt something akin to a breakthrough and a quick checkup confirmed that the stubborn little guy finally managed to raise his vitality to C as well, which raised his average enough to qualify for the (high) bronze stage.

After I affirmed his claim he began cheering which attracted the attention of everyone else. I announced that Ali was ready for his evolution which resulted in a round of cheering from everyone.

I asked him and everyone else to move to his habitat before I set up the evolution circle using psychic and fairy-type materials. Once the circle was set up, I told him to enter the center, before applying the paste I prepared for this occasion.

After I left the circle I gave him the go-ahead and he began to shine bright like a diamond. We all waited for the light of evolution to die down, and once it did a freshly evolved Kirlia stood before us, where previously a Ralts had been.

The stubborn little guy had evolved into a hopefully less stubborn young man. 'Well, looking at his current appearance he looked more like a trap, but at least he had grown up.' I thought with a snort.

I went up to him and congratulated him for his successful evolution, and everyone else saw that as the signal to do the same. While everyone was crowding us and congratulating Ali, I took a look at his new status screen.

'Name: Ali

Species: Ralts -> Kirlia

Gender: Male

Age: 7+ years


Type: Psychic, Fairy

Potential: Blue (96.84%) -> Deep Blue (23.92%)

Genetic variation: None

Abilities: Synchronize, Trace

Talents: Save Point (Wonder Guard)

Affinities: Psychic, Fairy


Bond: Mikail (weak)

Quirks: Faintly Stubborn



Stage: Bronze Stage (high)

Vitality: C (+)

Strength: D (+)

Endurance: D (+)

Agility: C (+)

Energy Capacity: C (+)

Energy Density: C (+)






Fighting (Major), Psychic (Minor)



Poison (Minor), Ghost (Minor), Steel (Minor)


Condition: Healthy, Happy, Excited



Psionic Energy Manipulation (Proficient)

Fairy Energy Manipulation (Beginner)




(In-progress) Initial:




Growl, Charm



Life Dew, Future Sight (+)



Disarming Voice, Confusion, Psybeam, Psychic, Protect (new, ++), Hypnosis (+), Heal Pulse (+), Dream Eater (+), Draining Kiss (+)



Teleport, Double Team (+), Calm Mind (+)





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