218 CH86 (216), Mikail-Sensei

The next day, two hours after breakfast my parents came home while I was out in the back doing some light training with my Pokemon. I noticed them arriving in the back watching Tyson/Machoke and me doing some sparring.

Dad nodded his head happily when he saw me matching Tyson during our spar, while mom winced every time Tyson landed a solid hit. I chose to turn my full focus back to my spar with Tyson, so my second thought process was dedicated to back to the ongoing spar.

We kept going for another 5 minutes before I noticed an opening that came about due to me forcing him to overextend a bit. I used the opening, grabbed his outstretched arm, and did a Judo throw while keeping my grip on his arm.

I then twisted his outstretched arm into a locking position which he couldn't escape from due to lying prone on the ground. I saw Tyson considering ways to get free, so I twisted his arm a bit to demonstrate that any forced movement could result in a break.

The pain made him twitch, ultimately, forcing him to give up. I helped him back on his feet before turning to our audience.

"Ali, come over and use Heal Pulse on us, especially Tyson's arm and shoulder," I waved Ali/Ralts over.

He teleported over and sent the first Heal Pulse to me. I motioned him to stop after 5 seconds since any fatigue or strain I felt went away. Once Ali started to work on Tyson, I turned to my parents.

"Say, mom, dad, do you want to spar as well." I knew they had a pretty good physique due to the energy washing they went through thanks to their bonds.

I just did not know how much the bond energy helped them. Dad had a dark gold-stage Nidoking and the rest of his Pokemon were at the gold stage. I did not know how strong his bonds were, but I was sure they were at least genuine.

The same was true for mom as well, just that she had no dark gold-stage Pokemon yet. Still, her team was full-on gold, so pretty good as well.

"Sure, I don't mind," dad said while mom was still fretting whether she should hit her beloved child or not. Dad on the other hand seemed pretty eager for some controlled violence.

"Great, I'll make sure not to go too hard on you, dad," I joked and made mom laugh, while dad just chuckled a bit before moving in front of me.

Ali and Tyson move aside to make room for us. I saw Horus/Xatu moving a bit forward to referee the fight.

'Alright, we'll go with the standard sparring rules. No moves or special abilities. Whoever lands 3 critical hits, or 10 clean hits will be declared the winner.

Whoever causes his opponent to be unable to continue will also be declared the winner.' He broadcasted and we both nodded to show our understanding. 'Begin!' He said and we began to move.

I decided to start low to see where he stood strength-wise, so I limited myself to the equivalent of the (low) bronze stage before gradually increasing the strength I used.

I quickly noticed that dad might know some form of fighting/self-defense style, but he was not fluid with it. His moves were partly stiff and they did not flow into each other resulting in openings that could be exploited.

Don't get me wrong, he could defend himself against the attacks of both humans and Pokemon for some time as long as the disparity was not too big, but that was pretty much it.

He could also beat those weaker than him, but the fighting style he used seems to be focused on delaying time, probably until his Pokemon could come to his help.

I landed a few clean hits while slowly matching his strength to show him the "mistakes" he made, and around 5 minutes later I delivered the 10th clean blow to finish the spar.

I would place his physical fitness somewhere between (mid) or (high) bronze, but his fighting prowess was lower than that, more like (low) to (mid) bronze, and in an unrestricted battle that would be (low) bronze. We stepped back as soon as Horus declared the end of the spar.


I combed my non-existent beard of wisdom while staring at my dad. He seemed both amused and confused at my antics, mom straight up laughed and came up to me to pinch my cheeks. Directly destroying my master-like image.

"Aren't you cute, acting like some old master," she said and all I could do was cough a bit into my fist to hide my embarrassment before focusing back on dad, who was watching our exchange while laughing.

"Dad, I'll be honest with you." He stopped laughing and turned serious when I began speaking.

"You seem to have the basics down, but your performance leaves much to be desired. You should be able to handle individuals equal to yourself, but you can keep them occupied for some time at most.

You seriously need to work on your personal combat ability. I don't want you to get critically hurt just because you were unable to do more than defend yourself for a few minutes." I laid my thought on the proverbial table before turning toward my mom.

"Mom, it's your turn," I told her making her stop gloating at dad.

"Honey, do you want to hit your beloved mommy," she asked with trembling lips.

"I just want to see how you'll fare," I told her ignoring her guilt-tripping. Seeing that I was not planning to let her off she abandoned the pitiful act after throwing in a last comment.

"First he spanked his daddy, now he wants to spank his mommy. Just where did I go wrong," she joked in a dramatic tone before moving in front of me, while dad vacated the area to give us room to spar.

I repeated the process with her as well. Mom was a bit weaker than dad as far as her physical fitness was concerned, but prowess-wise she was about as good, or bad, as dad was.

"Mom, your situation is the same as dad's. Solid basic moves, but lacking in application and chaining." I told her while she was trying to get her breathing under control.

"I think it would be a good idea if you take part in our daily sparring/training whenever you two are home. At least this way you'll have an easier time in the wild if your Pokemon are occupied," I proposed directly afterward.

"Probably a good idea. We've been using the self-defense training we learned during trainer school and the practical year until now. Expanding outside of defense seemed to be unnecessary until now, except for the one incident with the ambush, but learning more in the direction of retaliating instead of just buying time seems good as well." Dad said and mom agreed with him.

"Hmm, it won't hurt to do so, at worst it will count as combat experience," she acknowledged.

"Yeah, I don't need you two to go around challenging Pokemon, but if you're more experienced, you can take care of yourself whenever you are attacked. Learning how to retreat without being hit in the back would already be pretty good," I affirmed and they agreed with me.

We began talking about the stuff they learned on self-defense. I occasionally asked the to demonstrate the moves/techniques, and at around 1:40 p.m my alarm rang, reminding me that I needed to check up on Eggy.

"Alright, go on. We'll go inside as well and start preparing lunch," Mom said.

"Hmm, I'll come to help you once I'm done," I replied before heading upstairs. The result was once more that everything was alright.

I had actually noticed that there had been a minimal accumulation of stockpiled energy during the last few days, but that had solved itself now. I placed the egg in my room today since I was planning to keep it there during the day for the duration of my parent's visit.

The difference in energy density meant that there was less energy in the atmosphere despite my usage of material around the area assigned to the egg, and that difference led to the egg using up the backlog.

I had expected as much, which was why I had not adjusted the paste after confirming the slight energy excess. Anyway, after confirming that everything was okay I went downstairs and directly headed to the kitchen.

We made some Spaghetti with meatballs a la Aldini, before heading back out to the porch, where I called over everyone so that we could distribute their lunch as well. While everyone was eating I felt a lot of gazes directed at me. They came from the ones that did not get their sculptures made.

"I did not forget my promise, you'll get your sculptures. There are 9 of you, so we'll do 4 sculptures today and 5 tomorrow." I addressed the reason for the staring, and it stopped. Instead, they started to eat their food even more enthusiastically.

Once they were done, I began to make the sculptures of Kaiyo/Lapras, Aomi/Lapras, Weavile, and Vibra/Rhydon. While I was doing that mom, dad, and everyone else was relaxing. Mom and dad were making some music using a flute and a violin.

The others were either enjoying the music by lying down or by dancing to the music, like Mothra/Butterfree, Parvati/Beedrill, Emerald/Butterfree, Cyan/Butterfree, Optimus/Butterfree, and Prime/Beedrill.

It took me close to two hours to finish the sculptures and after that, we went inside to watch some movies. A few minutes after the movie ended my alarm went off, and I went upstairs to check up on the egg. After that, we made some dinner before watching another movie.

We went to bed after that and except for the routine check-up, I had a restful sleep. After breakfast, I began to work on the last 5 sculptures. While I was working on the third sculpture the alarm went off, so I had to check up on Eggy after finishing the third sculpture.

Once I was done with all sculptures, we began our sparring session. I had them spar with Tyson and while they were doing that I filmed their battles. After two rounds each, we went over the videos talking about what could have been done differently and what was wrong.

Following that, I showed them some of the moves we learned during the Combat Preparation class. It was fun supervising them while they repeated the moves I showed them, especially whenever I had to correct something.

My poise as a teacher got destroyed once more when mom said how cute I looked when I was seriously trying to instruct them. Thankfully she did not try to pinch my cheeks, cause that would have damaged my prestige as a sensei even further.

We decided to stop at 1:40 p.m and went to the city center for lunch. After some nice pizza, we strolled around the different stores to look for a nice birthday present for Rose.

Rose's birthday was on Palkiday in two weeks, the 20.17.2179 to be specific. She turned 11 on that day, but the birthday party was going to be held on Dialday instead.

"Are we going to meet there or will we be meeting at home and leaving for their home together?" I asked since mom brought up the topic of Rose's birthday.

"I think it would be better if we went there together," mom replied swiftly.

"I think it would be better to meet there, that way you don't need to make the extra journey home." I returned and dad agreed with me. Still, mom was pretty adamant about moving together.

"Let's talk more about that later on," dad decided to close that topic for now. We checked out a few stores but couldn't settle on a gift. We decided to try again next week and went back home.

Due to my impeccable timing, the alarm went off less than 5 minutes later. We spent the rest of the time until dinner with our Pokemon and after dinner, we watched a movie before splitting for the night.

The next day was spent at home with the sparring/training we agreed on, relaxing, and the routine check-ups. That night I decided to extend the check-up intervals to 6 hours, and the next morning my parents went out for their missions once more.


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