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A man from an Earth gets the choice to start over in any Universe and chooses an Alternate Pokemon Universe. Let us see if his journey to the top is succesful and the impact he will have on his new world. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Game Freak and Creatures Inc. I just use their sandbox for the plot of my MC and my OCs. This will be a "slow" paced story, in fact it's "super slow paced", so please don't expect the MC to directly start his journey in 20 chapters or so, actually multiply that by like 15. A lot is going to happen before that happens. The first 10-20 chapters or so are information heavy, depending on what kind of reader you are. I try to keep my chapter length between 2000 and 3000 words per chapter. My release rate is 4 chapter/week for now. I have a patre*n for those that want to support me with access to some advance chapters as a thank you. patre*n.com/Azrail93 This is an alternate pokemon universe so there will be differences to the games, manga and anime. So if something in the story is different it is most likely on purpose. The original sources are seen as suggestions not laws. Differences can be: Type variants, evolution conditions, strength mechanics, world building and more. If I am at some point asking for reader input I will do so but otherwise I will ignore most suggestions. So please don't spam things like catch this pokemon or do that next. I have my plot planned and external input will be considered when asked for. If I see a suggestion that I believe fit my plot flow I will use it and will credit the commentor. Comments on spelling and grammar mistakes are welcome. I will try to correct said mistakes with time. Constructive criticism will be read and considered. Insult and hate comments will be ignored or deleted depending on severity. Readers naturally can comment their dislike but one worders will be ignored. If the reason for the dislike is explained I will read it. Like previously mentioned pure insults and hate comments will be ignored or deleted. The same is true for simple hate reviews or insulting ones. Reviews conplaining about something I warned about, such as the slow pace, will be deleted as well.

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Date: Kyoday, 22.16.2181, the day of the Rota regional competition.

Location: Rota City, Rota.

Professor Michael Cameron was inside his office watching the Rota regional competition for secondary students. As one of the two great professors of Rota, he had a vested interest in the future generation of his region, and due to his field of study, he had a special interest in those from aura academies, even if he endeavored to be unbiased at all times while making decisions.

Still, the main topics of his research were Aura, the Lucario-line, and the Ralts-line, so it was no surprise that he had a particular interest in one of the students, Mikail Geo.

It did not surprise him when Mikail ended up being the winner in both categories, since he knew from his great-nephew Arthur what the young boy was capable of.

What did surprise him a bit was that young Mikail managed to become the champion of the personal combat category without relying on his psychic abilities.

He had heard that Aaron Academy had requested Mikail to hold back, but he had not expected the boy to hold out as long as he did while using only his aura and some senbons.

People with an affinity and talent for both aura as well as psionic energy were extremely rare, so studying *cough* working with someone like that would be helpful for his studies.

The fact that Mikail himself wanted to apprentice under a professor was a Mewsend, and he had hinted to government officials that he was willing to accept Mikail in case he applied for an apprenticeship under him.

Besides, he knew that Mikail already had a Riolu partner and a Kirlia among his Pokemon. Furthermore, if what Arthur told him was right, then the boy was planning to get another Ralts since the one he had was going to evolve into Gallade, and he wanted the new one to evolve into Gardevoir.

This perfectly matched with his study directions as well, and he was curious what kind of influence a dual aura and psychic affinity had on the Ralts-line members.

Not only that, the Riolu that joined Mikail was the one that was blessed by aura. Both he and Maria had been interested in that particular Riolu, but the Lucario tribe and the rules of the Aura Guardian Order forced them to leave Riolu in peace.

The two professors were not the only ones that had been interested in that Riolu, as most top-ranking Aura Guardians knew of it, but none had felt a connection with it, and Riolu had refused to join them, so the blessed Riolu joining someone had caused quite a splash among the top brass of the Aura Guardian Order.

Mikail's importance in the eyes of the Order had risen by a whole level after he had been accepted by the one blessed by aura. He knew with absolute certainty that Professor Maria Varon had a vested interest in Mikail joining her laboratory by virtue of that Riolu alone.

That Mikail had so many variants among his Pokemon was also another reason since it fit her field. She would definitely be interested to see if he could cause aura variations to certain species that had shown to possess the ability to undergo such a change.

Frankly, he was interested in that as well, and he had no plans to "lose" Mikail to his "rival". No, giving the hint to the government was not enough, he decided to call his great-nephew since he acted as Mikail's immediate supervisor, so Arthur could put in a good word on his behalf.

That would increase the likelihood of Mikail deciding to join his laboratory. He was confident in his credentials and the things he could offer to Mikail. As long as that old guy Oak did not join in and offered Mikail an apprenticeship, the odds were in his favor.

If Oak did end up offering the boy an apprenticeship, then no one else would have a chance, since only an idiot or someone with an agenda or grudge would refuse Oak's offer, and the kid seemed to be neither dumb nor did he have a grudge or agenda against Oak, at least as far as he knew, and he knew a lot about the kid and his family.

Anyway, he made a note to send out an offer to Mikail once the global competition was over before he called Arthur to inform him to put in a good word for him after the global competition. Hints before that were okay but the offer had to wait until then to not distract Mikail from the competition.

Date: Grouday, 23.16.2181, the day after the Rota regional competition.

Location: Rota City, Rota.

Professor Maria Varon was currently inside her office rewatching the battles of a certain young man that had participated in Rota's regional competition for secondary students that took place over the last three days.

As one of the two highest authorities among the professors and scientists of Rota, she had a vested interest in the future generation of her home region, and due to the topics she was studying, she had a particular interest in those from aura academies.

It was kind of obvious that she would since she was studying Pokemon that were compatible with Aura, and Aura Variants that originated from these species as well as those that randomly sprung forth, which had yet to happen as far as she knew.

Anyway, the reason that she was rewatching the battles of the dual champion of the previously mentioned competition was that she had a prior interest in him that got amplified by the ease he won the competition.

It might not have looked like he had an easy time in the personal combat category, but she knew that he had been only using half of his full abilities. She agreed with his academy's idea of only using his aura for as long as possible, but that did not change that Mikail Geo won the regional competition without using his abilities as an accomplished psychic.

She knew that he was a dual aura and psychic user at Tier 2 First-Class in both, which considering his age showed how great his talent in both subjects was.

It had to be, or it would have been impossible for him to reach that point while splitting his time between them and all the other things he was doing, such as training and caring for his Pokemon, doing research and writing papers, learning how to use weapons, and taking strides into grooming.

The boy was splitting his attention considerably, most would say excessively, and despite that, he had shown incredible progress in all areas.

Truly she, and many others in the know, were curious how far he would have come by now if he had focused on a single subject instead of spreading out to so many different subjects. Still, all of them knew that forcing him to do so would have most likely resulted in exactly the opposite of what they wanted.

Previous examples have shown that geniuses in multiple fields felt stifled if they were "forced" to concentrate only on one of their talents. One had to let them be so that they could focus on the subject they fancied at that moment. They showed the greatest progress that way.

Moreover, a genius like this Mikail, with such a large number of fields had yet to appear, so they were extra careful, not wanting to smother what could very well be one of the greatest geniuses humankind had given birth to until now.

Honestly, the number of people that knew the full extent of Mikail's talent/genius did not exceed 20. The Aura Guardian Order had made sure of that, not willing to risk him being dragged into things he had nothing to do with for now.

Everyone else that thought they knew how much of a genius he was did not know the full picture, and if not for the fact that he had spent the last three years in Rota under the umbrella of his academy and the Aura Guardian Order, she as well as the Order would be in the dark as well.

She was sure that whichever institution he would have been at would have done the same as they were doing. Hiding the strength as well as variety of his Pokemon, and his aura, as well as psychic abilities, would not be possible after the global competition, but by now they were confident of dealing with any consequences as long as the truly big figures did not move.

Anyway, the first time she had actually heard about Mikail had been even before he attended Aaron Aura Academy. She heard about him from her family, because of her great grand-nephew Aaron. Aaron told the family that he had made friends with a talented young boy that seemed to have an aura affinity along with great talent as a trainer.

Aaron was worried that his young friend's talent would attract trouble from other families, so he requested that he be allowed to use the name of our family in case some others tried to pressure his friend into something he did not want.

He added that it would be even better if the family stepped in to protect him since he was confident the boy would become someone great. He also added that he liked his friend a lot and that he would be a boon to humanity. It was clear that he was trying to make his friend look good in front of the family to garner support in safeguarding him.

The family allowed him to use our family name if necessary but only gave a tentative answer to the second request, instead of giving a full reply. Mikail reappeared on the family's radar after he joined Aaron Aura Academy, but he only really entered her radar after he managed to get the blessed Riolu to join his side.

She had a major interest in that Riolu ever since it had come out that it had been blessed by aura, so as soon as it joined Mikail she learned about it. She remembered hearing about him before, and due to being curious about what kind of young man managed to sway the blessed one when so many before him failed, she investigated Mikail in detail.

What she learned did not disappoint her, and his intent to apply for an apprenticeship to a professor was a Mewsend for her. She had sent word to the government that she was interested in having him join her laboratory, and she was planning to send out an offer once he was done with the global competition.

She was also considering if she should have Aaron put in a good word for her, but she was hesitating since she was not sure if it was a good idea to take advantage of their friendship like that. She did not want to cast a shadow on their friendship since she knew how much Aaron valued his friend, and how much the family supported their friendship.

She would have to think more on that before she came to a decision, but she was sure of one thing, and that was that she was definitely not the only professor interested in Mikail. Still, she was confident in her chances as long as Oak did not make a move.

Date: Grouday, 23.16.2181, the day after the Rota regional competition.

Location: Sienna City, Kanto.

Kevin George, head of the George family, was reading a report on Mikail Geo, the grandson of one of their deceased exiled members. They had learned of his existence as well as talent some time ago but by the time they had learned of the scope of his talent he had been under the protection of the Aura Guardian Order, and some other influential families.

All of them had warned them to not move against the boy in any way, which implied trying to harm him or coerce him into joining the family, and they had submitted to the demands. It was only a single person after all so it was not worth getting into trouble with them for him.

Now the report he was reading on the talent the boy had shown during the regional competition made him consider if he should have someone approach the boy in a bid for friendship. That way the boy would at least be neutral if not friendly with the family even if he would not join it.

Besides, if it turned out that Mikail had a ground affinity and talent on top of his aura talent, he could consider offering him rejoining the family even if he had to provide major incentives.

Still, he decided to observe Mikail's performance during the rest of the competitions before making a decision.


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