7 CH7, New Start (2)

Mikail takes a breath while wondering about the high amount of information.

'The northern continent is the place from which humanity spread.

The regions that are located there are Kanto, Johto, Hoeen, Orange Island, Sevii Island, and the Rota Kingdom.

The total human population is a little less than 300 million and the human territory is about 3% of the continent.

I only have information on who the 5 strongest Pokemon forces per continent are but nothing on their strength and that the strongest free Pokemons on or near human territory seem to be stage 6.

Unfortunately, I, for now, don't know what stage 6 entails.

On the northern continent those are the Arcanine tribe, the Dragonite tribe, the Tyranitar tribe, the Salamance tribe and the Metagross tribe.

The southern continent is the second continent humans settled on.

The regions located there are Sinnoh, Pasio, Ransei and Lental.

The total human population is about 306 million and the human territory is also about 3% of the continent.

The 5 strongest forces here are the Garchomp tribe, the Lucario tribe, the Mamoswine tribe, the Tangrowth tribe and the Luxray tribe.

The western continent is the third continent humans settled on.

The regions located there are Unova, Galar with islands, Alola and Ferrum.

The total human population is a little less than 270 million and the human territory is also about 2.5% of the continent.

The 5 strongest forces here are the Krookodile tribe, the Hydreigon tribe, the Volcarona tribe, the Kommo-o tribe and the Dragapult tribe.

The eastern continent is the fourth and last continent humans settled on.

The regions located there are Kalos, Almia, Oblivia, Fiore and Orre.

The total human population is about 315 million and the human territory is also about 3.5% of the continent.

The 5 strongest forces here are the Goodra tribe, the Flogres tribe, the Tyranitar tribe, the Flygon tribe and the Gogoat tribe.'

Mikail scrunched his brows slightly while thinking about the information he went over so far.

What he was not aware of, was that his mother had entered the room, while he was going over his available knowledge to check up on him.

The scene of him scrunching his brows might have been done by him during serious contemplation but on his toddler face it just looked really adorable.

So Arya did what most mothers do when their baby does something cute she took a photo.

Having taken her future teasing material she left, after making sure everything was fine.

All this happened without Mikail noticing anything, due to him being deep in thought.

'Now after the distribution of humanity, we should look at the strength of humanity.

The most popular way to strength for humans on Terra is as expected being a trainer.

Trainers focus on training and bonding with Pokemon, which not only creates a private force but after their Pokemon reach a certain stage their energy also strengthens the trainer through their bond.

Trainers are humanities main pillar, but that does not mean it's the only one.

There are also humans that focus on training themselves.

Some of these humans train with energies, some train their physique and some do both.

Examples of such groups would be mediums, psychics and aura guardians.

Nonetheless this does not mean, that just because they train themselves, that they can't become trainers.

In fact most of them do both, training together with Pokemon that fit their training style.

For now, let's focus just on trainers.

Trainers on Terra are divided into classes depending on their strengths and qualifications.

It seems I can only see the first 4 of 8 existing trainer classes.

Those being Rookie-class, Junior-class, Senior-class and Expert-class.

Rookie-class trainers have mostly iron-stage Pokemon, only in rare cases do they have bronze-stage Pokemon.

Junior-class trainers have mostly bronze-stage Pokemon, only in rare cases do they have silver-stage Pokemon.

Senior-class trainers have mostly silver-stage Pokemon, only in rare cases do they have gold-stage Pokemon.

Expert-class trainers have mostly gold-stage Pokemon.

So now I know where my parents fit and what to expect from their Pokemon, at least stage-wise.

Now that the strength aspect has been checked, let's see the humans diet.

From the previous Pokemon diet part I know that humans rear animals as a food source.

We naturally also eat flora, like berries and vegetables.

Humans also eat Pokemon.'

Mikail's eyebrows rose as he came to this part.

'Let's see, humans also rear Pokemon as a food source but only nonsapient/nonsentient ones.

Pokemon on Terra achieve sentience/sapience after they reach a certain stage.

The stage differs depending on their type and species.

It can happen as early as the iron stage or as late as the gold stage for some species.

It is just the rearing of sapient Pokemon that is forbidden, if a sapient Pokemon is killed in the wild or during an attack or tide, you can consume or sell it as you want.

This rule forbidding the rearing of sapient species as food also applies to sapient Pokemon and is enforce by the legendaries.

They are also the ones that set the rules and informed everyone about them.

On Terra the legendaries are just that legendary.

They are not like their counterparts in the anime, manga or games that can be challenged and caught willy-nilly.

Here they are more than supreme, at least the originals are.

The Creation Trio plus Arceus are seen as the supreme deities on Terra.

There are no others of their species.

After them come the original Legendaries, which can be classified as deities as well.

They have others of their species because they requested partners.

After the Originals come the partners and direct descendants of the original Legendaries.

The descendants afterwards are still in a category of their own.

Even the weakest of them is still obscenely strong, being at the 11th stage that I don't have any more information about, and not something a human could catch or threaten.

Now knowing this comes a little bit of human history.

I am not sure how much the humans on terra know about the past, but it seems to me that humans on Terra like to challenge the boundaries as well.

Because this is the 4th human civilization.

That's right.

This is the 4th time that humans had to build a civilization.

There are a few rules on Terra that are inviolable but humanity managed to break them 3 times despite warnings being issued.

As a consequence and punishment, humanity was mostly decimated with nearly all high-end people killed and most knowledge being lost/destroyed and only a small portion of the population were kept alive so that humanity can start over again. A few decently strong humans, that were mostly innocent and not part of the wrongdoings, were kept alive as well to protect the surviving population and to warn the next generation to not repeat their mistakes.

The first human civilization was destroyed by the OG Mew for breaking the rule of not messing with Legendary Pokemon DNA.

The humans of the 1st civilization had advanced in their research on genetics and managed to unlock genetic strains/variations and locks on the DNA of Pokemon and humans increasing their potential and limits.

That was not a problem since they did not violate the rules set by the Legendaries during their research.

But the researchers and the leaders grew arrogant or became too ambitious.

Maybe both, who knows.

They started studying Mews DNA.

Warnings were sent by the Legendaries, but they were ignored.

The OG Mew being a generally kind being held the other Legends back despite its own kinds DNA being studied.

It stated that they were only studying the DNA and not using, utilizing, or replicating it, which was skirting the line but not crossing it yet.

The others decided to respect Mews opinion and simply sent another warning.

I have no idea what the hell the researchers and leaders were thinking, but they ignored the warning yet again.

They used the DNA of Mew to engineer and control their own Legendary Pokemon, Mewtwo.

Yes, on Terra Mewtwo exists as well but it has nothing to do with team rocket.

It was the pinnacle result of a whole human civilization and also the reason for its destruction.

The OG Mew finally enraged by humanity for ignoring their warnings and for daring to use its kinds DNA to create Mewtwo went on a warpath itself no matter how short said war lasted.

Mew went to the laboratory Mewtwo was kept, stomped the controlled Mewtwo in a few seconds, and freed it afterward.

After freeing Mewtwo, the OG Mew destroyed all of humanity's research facilities and killed everyone that was part of/knew of the research.

Once it had done so, Mew used it's powers to scan for about 1 million innocent adult humans of all walks of life and a few of the strongest humans that were not part of project Mewtwo and teleported them with the most healthy children between 2 and 10 years towards a small city, it emptied beforehand.

Mew informed the adults of the situation, then told the strong ones to protect everyone if they don't want humanity to become extinct and told all adults to look after the children and to repopulate humanity together since they're going to be the only humans on Terra.

There were 1 million adults and about 5 million children in that city, which was enough to repopulate humanity.

Done with the relocating Mew used a part of its immense powers to identify all products of human civilization and all humans outside the small city and simply vaporized them.

Seeing all signs of humanity, beside the city used for the new start, gone Mew once more warned the adults and informed them of the fate of the others.

Once it deemed its job complete it left and humanity had to start anew.'

A bit of sweat could be seen on Mikail's cute little face.

How lucky of him that his mother didn't witness this moment or she would have fussed over her baby boy.

Mikail who didn't know he had dodged a bullet focused on the information once more.

'Horrifying yet kinda awesome.

That's what came to my mind when thinking about the OG Mew.

Harsh but kinda their fault is what I think about the fate of the first civilization.

Nevertheless, I am thankful for all their knowledge on genetics that I will have access to once I fulfilled the requirements to access them.

Since my wish included all knowledge humanity ever had this is included.

I just have to qualify for it.

The second human civilization focused on energy manipulation, material science and the study of the soul.

It was destroyed, when it began mass-experimenting on souls.

They tried to control, subjugate and even create artificial ones.

Their pinnacle product was Genesect, the perfect result of their research on energy manipulation and material science.

It was extremely powerful, ruthless and seemingly soulless despite possessing a soul.

Genesect was 100% obedient because of their soul research.

They were warned to stop their meddling with the soul but ignored it. Two times they were warned and yet humanity ignored the warnings once more. They were destroyed by Yveltal and Xerneas this time around. This time a seed for humanity was left again and once more humans had to start anew.'

Mikail can be seen lying on his bed with a giddy look on his adorable face that would make all women squeal and shower his face with kisses stating how cute he looked.

A short while later his face returned to its normal look.

'How nice of them to deliver that knowledge to me.

I hope the focus of the third civilization does not overlap with the other two as well.

I can't seem to decide if I should be sad about the loss of life or happy for all that knowledge.

Anyway, let's see why the third one was destroyed.

The third human civilization focused on nutrition and recipes.

They focused on using flora (berries and energy-rich vegetables), other digestible materials, and Pokemon meat to strengthen themselves and their Pokemon.

In their pursuit, they not only mass hunted, which does not break the rules but also started rearing sapient Pokemon for food as the hunting became insufficient.

They were warned by the legendaries to stop rearing sapient Pokemon as food but ignored them despite knowing the fate of the previous two civilizations.

They thought that it was necessary and continued doing so.

The legendaries sent another warning but it was for naught.

So the third civilization was destroyed as well.

This time Ho-oh did the job.

A seed city was left this time as well and humanity had to start anew for the fourth time.'

Mikail had a pensive look on his face.

It looked like a child trying really hard to appear serious but just looking cute.

'Wow, I am happy for the extra knowledge but even I am surprised that the legendaries bothered to spare some humans to give humanity another chance after the third time.

It comes across as extremely stupid that they ignored the warning after being nearly wiped out two times.

Nonetheless, I am thankful that the Legendaries decided to give humans another chance.

At least I hope that humanity, at long last, learned to follow the few rules the legends set.

Seeing that the fourth civilization started about 4872 years ago we can't be sure but I will at least try to prevent another reset during my time if I can.

But who knows what will happen in the future, the previous civilizations lasted tens of thousands of years before they were destroyed by their actions.'

Mikail could be seen with what he thought was a resolute face but resulted in a pouty face.

At that moment his mother entered once more to check up on him and saw his pouty look.

She ran towards him and hugged him, squeezing his cheeks while telling him that he was adorable.

Mikail whose serious moment was interrupted had no other choice but to surrender to his mother's mercy.

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