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The Aucacia Empire had always been a put together kingdom. The commoners relied on their king just like the king relied on his people, there was no rumor the king didn't know about and there was nothing the commoners weren't informed of. It was the perfect give and take relationship a kingdom should always have. But perfect things tend to have greedy eyes watching them. A perfect environment has no worries about sudden attacks. The same peace of mind that gave the kingdom a blanket of comfort was only the only thing that was imperfect and the only thing that should have never gotten out of the castle walls. But evil has its way of breaking down barriers. A perfect environment is a fragile one. The gentle air shrouded in glass, ready to be shattered with the wrong move. One that the greedy hands were ready to take and one that young prince, Dominic, would have the displeasure of witnessing. Now with the passing of the king of the Aucacia kingdom, cracks start to form in the fragile walls protecting the crown and the people ruled by it. With the days of his enthronement around the corner, the growls of hunger from the greedy eyes grown louder. How long can the kingdom stay put together? Who will tip over the shaky foundations of the kingdom? Who will be the PeaceMaker? cover art: Day.n


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