76 Assassination

"I'm not sure but it should be sometime after you have recovered your eyesight," Axel replied.

"My eyesight?" Dominic asked.

"If we let in Desilva in at his highness' current state, I can not be sure of your safety around her, but if you are able to see and watch her, then you just might be able to deflect her hits if she attacks you," Axel explained, "This way guarantees your safety. We could also let her in now to show that we trust her and restore some of her trust in us but that could also backfire if she chooses to attack you."

Dominic laid in thought, weighing the two options and their possible outcomes.

"Whatever you choose, I will go along with you, your highness," Axel assured.

"Ok then," Dominic sighed, "Let her in now."

Axel turned around sharply to face Dominic, "What?!"


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