6 Chapter 6: Late Bloomer

Suddenly the brown-eyed wolf lunged at Elize. The creature that was covered in gray fur was huge. As its face neared her own, Elize could see its brown eyes plead with her. Or was she imagining it?

Before it could reach her, a bigger wolf pounced on the grey one from the side. It was huge- easily the size of a small horse. Its silky brown fur caught the rays of the sun and shone gold. Elize was awestruck- she wanted to touch it. But her mind warned her against it.

Effortlessly, the big wolf pinned down the other one to the ground. The smaller wolf was struggling, barking furiously. The brown wolf growled menacingly. And suddenly, there was no more struggle.

Slowly, before her very eyes, the grey wolf shifted. It was grotesque to watch. Elize could see its bones snapping and flesh tearing. She looked away. What was happening?!

She could now hear labored breaths coming from where the two wolves once were. She turned around to the sound. Alex was lying down on the ground, panting and naked. Elize began to remove her shirt when someone threw a pair of shorts at him and chuckled. It was Brandt.

She quickly pulled her t-shirt back down, hoping no one noticed.

That man she saw earlier in the corridor was offering him a hand which Alex took with a look of guilt on his face. Elize flew into her brother's hands and hugged him. She didn't know what was happening. But her brother was back. She was relieved.

"Long time no see, Alex." The man behind her chuckled.

"Thank you, Zack," Alex replied.

"Welcome to the pack."


Elize paced back and forth the corridor outside a huge office. They were back in the mansion that she had tried to escape earlier. Somehow her brother seemed to know the man who kidnapped her.

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Her thoughts slipped back to the fight earlier that day. She was sure that she saw her brother and that man he called Zack, turn into wolves. Was that magic? Does that mean her brother is part of some weird cult? Is that how they met?

Suddenly Elize felt like she didn't know who her brother was anymore. Why was he keeping secrets from her? The door to the office creaked open, and Brandt tiptoed out of it towards an irritated Elize.


"Shhhhh!" Brandt shushed her, motioning towards the office.

Elize rolled her eyes in frustration. "I'm not scared of anyone!" She shouted, hoping it would reach the people inside.

Brandt chuckled. "You should be. He's our Alpha." He whispered.

"I don't know what that even means. Also, are you all part of some weird wizard cult? I'm sure I saw those two shift into wolves." Elize said, pointing towards the closed doors of the office.

A mischievous smile formed on Brandt's face. "Yes! But much better," he said to her with much enthusiasm.

"I don't know what lies this kid has been feeding you, but it would be better for you to not fall for it." It was a woman's voice coming from just behind Elize.

Startled, Elize jumped forward towards Brandt.

"Steady there beauty," Brandt said, now cradling Elize in his arms. 

Before she could react, the door swung open, and Brandt was pulled away from her. The man called Zack stood in front of her, holding Brandt by the collar off the ground. The kid was flailing, protesting the move. But Zack didn't let go. Alex came out of the office with a low growl directed towards the sixteen-year-old.

Someone started laughing in the middle of all this. It was the woman from earlier. She was an inch taller than Elize putting her height at around 5'7. Her red hair was tied back neatly away from her face in a high ponytail. With a perfectly athletic and slender body, sporting a dark blue t-shirt that hugged her body and camouflage pants she looked like a redder version of Angelina Jolie's Lara Croft. Her hazel eyes sparkled with mischief, reminding Elize very much of the kid now hanging on the air.

"Hi, I'm Nina and you must be Elize," She said, extending a hand towards Elize.

Elize took her hand and nodded, wondering how in the world this woman knew her name. 

As if reading her mind, Nina said laughing, "Brandt is my younger brother. I'm the Beta's daughter, so I have ears everywhere."

Elize couldn't stop cringing at the level of stalker tendencies the woman exhibited.

"I think my brother has a crush on you," Nina whispered, leaning towards Elize.

Elize rolled her eyes. "Right."

She heard a low growl coming from Zack. His hold on the kid was tightening by the minute.

"Let me go!" Brandt was screaming now, trying to claw Zack's hands with his nails.

Zack effortlessly raised him higher in the air and threw him towards the other side of the corridor, away from Elize. Turning back towards where she stood, he motioned her towards him. Why? Why was he calling her? Elize's heart started beating faster. What is this strange attraction? She took a step forward.

Before she could take another, Nina was already on top of Zack. They were locked in a passionate embrace, his mouth on hers.

"Right. Not me." Elize muttered under her breath.

It was like the ground beneath her caved in. A tinge of pain started from the bottom of her heart and spread quickly towards her limbs. Elize was confused. What is this emotion? By the minute her breath was growing short and vision started to blur. Elize reached out towards Zack while she fell on her knees, clutching her chest. Alex and Brandt were suddenly beside her. The next thing she knew, Elize was falling, and everything was dark.


"Careful now. You don't want to hurt yourself. Don't touch her now Alex. It's going to be okay."

"But why.."

Elize could hear people arguing from somewhere far. She wanted to open her eyes, but she couldn't.

"Aileen please, I need to know what is happening to her." Alex was pleading.

Aileen?! Aileen was here?!

"Yes honey, I know how worried you are. But you have to be patient. She is a witch who hasn't been initiated. You can see it for yourself, the magic seeping off of her."

What was happening to her?! Elize thought to herself. Why can't she open her eyes?!

"But why all of a sudden? I've never seen her like this." Alex prodded.

"Something must have triggered her. But don't worry, she'll wake up soon." Aileen replied.

"What can I do?" It was Zack.

He was here too? Was he worried about her? Why?

"It's okay Alpha Zachariah. It's not something wolves can help with. Although..."

"Yes? Anything you ask." Zack said

"She's a witch you know...if she is around her kind more, she will heal quicker."

"Sure thing. I will arrange it for both of you to go back to the other side of the Island. My men will personally escort you back."

With that, she heard him go out of the room, with someone else trailing behind him. It must probably be Nina, Elize thought.

"Alex, son you should stay here with the wolves. You're still young. You may not be able to control your wolf yet. We'll sit and talk once you come home for her initiation ceremony." Aileen said.

"But Aileen, I need.." Alex protested, trailing off.

"It's been too late already Alex," Aileen said, interrupting, "She should have been initiated when the sigil formed in her hand. We can't wait anymore. It could mean de..."

Pain! Like smoldering hot lava enveloped Elize's entirety. She knew she couldn't hold on anymore. She was slipping once again to darkness. A high pitched scream rang in her ears just before everything turned blank.

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