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Parasyte System


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What is Parasyte System

Parasyte System is a popular web novel written by the author KJun, covering SYSTEM, CULTIVATION, ADVENTURE, COMEDY, ACTION, Fantasy genres. It's viewed by 754.8K readers with an average rating of 4.36/5 and 34 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 45 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


In a world full of espers with powers that break the laws of physics, mages that can summon interdimensional creatures and pugilists with enough strenght to break mountains with one punch, Jay has...parasytes?! (This is my first novel ever, and I'm not a native speaker of english, so please bear with me.) If you want to supoort me, I'll leave this here... - https://ko-fi.com/kyjun


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Honestly, the only bad thing I see in this novel are two things: 1) Few chapters and a low publication rate 2) Very Short Chapters I like the fact that the story explains the origin of the different classes like Pugilista, Mage and Esper. The character is weak but has the potential to become very strong in the future. The protagonist is intelligent and strives to improve even when he is weaker than all, I am dying of curiosity to see how his power will develop, will he be able to obtain other types of parasites? Get host power from your parasites? create parasites with different abilities? I'm even curious about the origins of the protagonist, will he be the descendant of some hero? Is its power related to its origins? or is he just any guy? I look forward to the next chapter, keep it up, author, I really like your story, don't let it fall :D! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Really good, only complaint is not enough chapters


The story is very good with a very easy understanding world and system with a truly smart main character that use his ability well. To summarize what i want to say i want to see more of it.


Seems like fake reviews here. There is no story development or character development an why would the 2 people he is "friends" with even be friends with him if he had no powers before the day. An why did it all start off with a magical fight at school but no teachers showed up or even existed. 2 Chapters in and thats more than enough time wasted reading this drivel. Its also authors first book i believe and im being harsh because thats what is needed. if u say good job on trying but it sucks you are not helping the author get better.


I love the Qualoty over Quantity approach! I really can't wait to see what other "blocked functions" exist for the system. I wonder if there will ever be some sort of telepathic parasite for communication or some other utility parasite that isnt for staling abilities directly.


Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating Good Great Amazing Fantastic Fascinating


A good novel with bad(in my perspective) update rate. Will be waiting for it to stack a bit. The author is putting a lot of effort. A slice of action coated with the comedy and fantasy in an otherworldly superhuman school life.


The current 33 chapters are not enough to make a real review, but as it was a pleasant read so far, I give it 4 stars. I like stories about mc that get stronger by devouring or copying the power of others and this parasitising ability does just that. Therefore I sincerely hope that the story is thought through and won't be dropped midway because the author made the Mc too stupidly op... And maybe more than 2 chapters a week? Pretty please 😇


noooooo you can not do this to me. After a long time of waiting for a novel that can make me wanna stay stuck reading it this is what you do to me. I want justice .. but since a kind, handsome, awesome and benevolent me I will only ask you to increase the spread of the updates


only problem I have with it is not much chapters everything else is fine and stuff thx for this novelllllll appreciate it


Till now the story is very good but I think author should describe the power of each class more vividly rather there history. Also there very less mage character .


Good story. [img=recommend]🙂 And evrey thing good and evrey thing good And evrey thing goodAnd evrey thing good And evrey thing good And evrey thing good I don't have anything else to talk about .


rly enjoy the series so far. its engaging and fun to read. the english despite the writer still learning is a lot better than even many american writers ive seen despite the occassional gramatical error. Keep up the awesome work! i have a new series to add to my top 5 now!


[img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]Realy good quality of chapters and story backround. Need more updates and chapters. Very unique system. [img=coins]


Gran historia, sigue así y no te rindas con ella.............................................................................................................................................................................


Uma historia muito interessante, e tem um bom espaço para desenvolvimento. Gosto muito da premissa, Esper, Pugilista e magos. Ansioso para o futuro.


this is a very promising story that I would definitely be willing to pay for if only it updated a bit more. the mc while relatively weak now has a lot of potential but will have a lot of trouble trying to get stronger.


As a non native speaker I think your grammar is quite good. The world seems to have good potential and the ability of the MC is probably the best idea on how to implement a copy and parasite ability I have ever read until now. Limiting it in numbers and acquisition seems to be the right idea so let's see how you go from there. Stand chapter 28




I have mainly two issues with the story 1.) not enough chapters 2.) I want more updates I know that its still a decent amount but i would prefer more because the story is good


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