Overgeared: Transmigrated as a Super Named NPC but also as a Player. Book

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Overgeared: Transmigrated as a Super Named NPC but also as a Player.


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The story about a super fan of the masterpiece Overgeared. He is just an ordinary person. No particular side back story nor have experienced a tragic life but somehow, woke up as an NPC in the novel. An NPC in the virtual world of legends, myths and the world of infinite adventures and possibilities. How can he survive in this kind of world? "It's fine. I had read until the part where the protagonist becomes an Absolute so I'm slightly confident about my knowledge in this world." With the wisdom of a die hard fan of the novel, he had the chance to grab the best advantages, especially... 「Notice: Orders have been received. Initializing on scanning 'Pagma's Rare Book'.」 Fortunately, luck was with him to give a cheat unique skill. The Great Sage! Within the world from the novel he adores and loves, Lexus will journey the entire world, and see of how high he can reach until he stands in the peak! The story consist of novel 'Overgeared' and some other stories. Disclaimer: I do not own the cover. (Source: Pinterest.) Disclaimer: Obviously I do not own Overgeared and any other materials in the fic. I am not a good author and this just my pure delusion so some might found this scringe.


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