Orange and Blue Book

novel - Magical Realism

Orange and Blue


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Orange and Blue is an ongoing story where 15 year old Craig Marshall is at the center. After being ousted by his friends due to getting into a fist fight with two of them in his freshman year, Craig is now a loner who wants a new group. During club day at the start of the new year the club, TIME TRAVELR'S HELPER catches his eye where he meets Amy Blanche, a cute, but head strong 15 year old young lady who runs the club, and Leanna Welch, a seemingly cute and innocent 15 year old young lady. He then joins the club when he finds out that the goal is in fact to communicate with your future self through text. Craig if course skeptical of this and questions Amy about this. Amy explains a situation that happened last year concerning a student made her a believer and wants Craig to just try it out. After trying it out and getting a reaction that freaks him out, the next day Craig does his best to forget. But, his future self begins to text him. He lets Craig know that a girl in his grade will be committing suicide. He has to find out who and stop her from doing it before winter break or else this world line will change and his life as he knows it will change forever.