252 Suwon, Myth Quest (5)

'It means a human who has inherited the blood of a dragon.'

In other words, if the human beasts such as Werewolf and Werebear could acquire the appearance and physical abilities of the wolf and bear, respectively, then the dragon race could exert the power of dragons.

'Wyverns were the dominant ruler of the Korean server. Dragon? I've never seen this race before.'

However, the name of the dragon was enough to explain everything. It was often said that the status of the dragon in fantasy was the most powerful like the final boss level.

Sungwoo checked the credential qualification time for the "ownerless sword" carried by Minsok.

-Time remaining until credentials: 1,001 days

Now, after the remaining days are over, the 'unidentified egg' will hatch. It started 5,000 days ago, so Sungwoo shortened the required time much faster than he thought.

'At this rate, it will hatch soon.'

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