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Read One Step at a Time. fanfiction written by the author FluffiestEmperor on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, adventure, reincarnation, harem, fanfic. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A death, a wish, two perks, no system, and a really weird mission. Off you go. This is the story of Azuma Fūrinji, a boy that wasn`t supposed to exist. Life is a series of steps, let`s see where Azuma´s story will take us. ~~~~~~~ As you see in the tags this will be a harem and multiverse story. Some of the worlds I know, others I have a couple of ideas. The first world is quite obvious if you know the MC’s last name. Let me warn you, this will be slow, no jumping worlds five chapters into the story, or popping in get the girl and out. If this is not for you, I’m sorry, and hope you find something for your taste, I know the pain, that’s why I’m writing. Thanks for checking my story


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why dope? spoiler...................... -SI MC way before cannon [ with special parents ], well written chps, like grammar and shit and some new shit here and there. so dope. very dope why shitty/bad/stupid? -MC has wished for talent, critical thinking, energy manipulation as wish's and yet is only master 1v1 at 14 -MC is an SI with knowledge -MC was trained by [ literal, no exaggeration ..u fan of OG u know why ] 2 strongest people since young and only master lvl 14 - 15 -MC's genetics alone would be enough to make him a god in his verse, his genetics. -The force of the moment of him being stabbed. that was really forced. also I will say it is almost impossible considering his moms character and her power and how fast she is. she was already over protective of him for yrs before by keeping him from the outside world for yrs, my ass she'd leave him for a couple minuits -Also the parents keeping him separated for safety is retarded considering the dad of MC at old age could easily fight everyone, here he is in prime and the mom is 2 nd strongest -The lack of exploration of all the shit you've added. you've just listed em. you should;ve explored more. suggestion....remove the wishes...MC's genetics and SI knowledge would already make him OP. explore all the places and character relationships more through flashbacks or something, its there but feels empty. *note...kenichi took a couple months to become master lvl + and MC with all the stupid shit he has, the teachers, wishes, genetics, memories, etc should've already been grandmaster lvl.


it is simply a disappointment, the guy is very weak, do not take kenich as standard the author says, but he had no blessing from god and you have about 8, I was expecting more. if you want to read a novel about a piece of garbage go ahead but you will be angry, because the garbage of the author who extends the story as much as he can.


Let me talk about the positive and negative side of this story, unlike other reviews that only complain about what they wanted to see while turning a blind eye to the positives My native language is not English, so forgive me for grammatical errors on the date of this review, I read up to chapter 23 which is the most recent, MC still in Kenichi worlds so I'll talk about it obs: warning of small spoilers starting with the positives ◘ No random cheats that break the rules of the world • if you expect the MC to make a wish to receive some "Devour" skill or "become stronger two hundred times faster than normal", then go read a xianxia, ​​but learn to read the tags first because the "OP" tag MC "is not there, the correct tags here would be" Weak to strong "and later on in case he takes the powers to other worlds" strong to stronger ", his gifts are well controlled and nothing absurd, it is mainly talent in certain areas that allow him to learn certain things quickly, again, is not exaggerated ◘ The author is good at the flow and development of the story • Development has the perfect pace, neither fast nor slow, time skip from months to years happen with a good frequency until reaching the canon, all of them show and describe the training and effort of the MC, there is little that I hate more in a story than a mega time skip and the MC becoming super OP as if it were the easiest thing in the world, I appreciate the effort of the MC(this is why I love second come of gluttony), and I agree with the author that a child reaching the level of a master does not make any sense, even the body would be an impediment ◘ Very detailed • The author details everything very well, from the techniques and thoughts of the characters to the movements that happen in combat, the personalities of the characters are also very well described, I really enjoyed the relationship between the MC and the taekwondo master in Korea, I think his name is Mingyu or something, even the farewell was fun, I hope he will pay a visit to Ryozanpaku later ◘ Background • the background story of the MC is him being the son of two of the strongest fighters in the world, although the father is almost always absent, the MC has a good base in martial arts and is taught by his mother, their relationship is very pleasant, the MC's mother is a character who has difficulty expressing emotions and thoughts, and expresses them mainly through orders, irony, and especially actions. his parents being who they are, makes him have a big target on his back due to the enemies of both, it only makes him train until a certain age, and after he travels the world to improve himself, it lasts a few chapters ◘ Within the realm of possibility • A questionable point that I see as positive but you can see it as negative, the MC does not have a strange plot armor along with luck that defies the heavens + a hogyoku in the ass fulfilling wishes subconsciously that allows him to reach extremely high levels in one short time spitting in the efforts of the masters, like Kenichi or Ichigo, in the case of Ichigo it is more or less understandable due to its 3 lineages, but Kenichi reaching the master level in one year is strange ◘ Different purpose • Unlike some authors who would definitely put the MC at the same age as Kenichi, Mio and Ryuto with one of the main reasons being stronger than Kenichi while showing off and taking Mio, the MC here is going towards becoming a master in Ryozanpaku and possibly the strongest after "The Invincible Superman", who knows how to overcome it, a different approach that is a breath of fresh air amid so many stories of MC's hunting asses. Now for the negative points ○ First time leaving home The first time the MC left the house he was accompanied by his mother, his mother had to leave to do something quickly and in the meantime the MC confirms to a totally suspicious guy that he is her son, he is stabbed without any resistance, faints for a while and then the story continues with his mother committing a mad slaughter against his enemies. the key point here is that it is very forced, the MC had trained and it is for the two strongest beings in the world can be said, and the fact that he got stabbed with absolutely no resistance was disappointing, I understand he dodges, blocks, running, and getting tired due to his underdeveloped body as a child, and later after trying so hard, being stabbed, but he just being stabbed out of nowhere was very annoying for me Low impact gifts ○ I don't want to see the Goddess's gifts being op, but I also don't want to see most of them being rarely used, "understanding" and "energy manipulation" should have allowed him to at least develop a legendary ki-based technique, he managed develop your own fighting style enjoyably and interestingly but ki techniques that should have been developed first due to the present ended up last in general it is a story with a lot of potential, the author made some small mistakes here and there but that can be ignored so as not to spoil the rest of the story, it is also important to have tolerance with the author and give constructive criticism because he is a newcomer classified as the "TYPE-SPONGE" class that improves and learns quickly, in addition to being polite in its responses and not excluding negative reviews, becoming an extinct species of authors on this cursed website that needs to be preserved at all costs I hope you enjoy reading as much as I do


the story is good. and the grow rate is great , not too fast not too slow .I mean any more and it will be boring. vvvvvvvvvvvvvvb vvvvvvvvvvvvvvb


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Come on another one if your fucking making a prologue dont cut it to many chapters its annoying it doest matter if youre first chapter/prologue reach a thousands of words because fanfics prologue is originally useless and just a filler you wont even use any of the stuff that is happening to the prologue anymore to the future




I personally enjoy the story and it development. But if you can, take more advantage from his talent wish, and applied it for the cause of his power up, at least he can put a fight with his father, and gain something there kinda like enlightenment i say, lol.


Even thought it isn't a 5 star fic, I just gave it so that it would balance out the low reviews, I think it's a solid 4.5 at this point.....


Well, pretty good plot. With little to none mistakes in grammar. Been reading till the latest chap. Keep up the good work and keep writing. [img=recommend]


Has this story been dropped?[img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp][img=exp]


best kenichi ff ever really amazing.............................................................................................................................


Sabias que la edad de consentimiento de relaciones en japon es de los 13 años ?? Yo lo lei en un fanfic y no me lo pude cree wey no mms Y mientras investigava esto me entere de que si alguien tiene relaciones con alguien de 13 en japon se considera violacion pero si la pareja tienen 14(chica) y 20-30(hombre) la chica tiene que mostrar evidencia de que el hombre la violo o solo se consideraria agrecion y lo penalisaria con una multa Pero si no puede mostrar que la violo el hombre queda impune y en una sociedad(Japon) en la que casi no se le puede decir no a alguien se jode todo por dos Por eso hay un grupo en el que quieren aumentar la ley penal de consentimiento de 13 A 16 para que esos casos no sucedan Esta es una ley vigente desde 1907 para que veas que las lolis son legales quieras o no


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I am really enjoying the character growth and his interactions. Unlike a lot of multiverse novels this guy feels more integrated with the world. He is living his life in the world but also planning for the future. I sometimes wonder if the "bored" characters are in reality the authors own feelings leaking out. I mean you have a whole world to explore and learn but you get bored.... really. He should keep learning as much as he can you never know what would help you later. In such a peaceful world he should branch out besides martial arts.


I just need to give this novel a 4, but I can't find any slightly error to not give this novel a 5, it is just amazing. Nice work. ........................




What is love (dodge) baby dont hurt me (dodge) dont hurt me no more Eveytime i remember this i laugh my toshi off I never thought about reading the strongest disciple but after reading this novel i started reading it thats how great this novel is. Its great fun to read and will get u hocked just try it


It's cool because he doesn't become the strongest off the bat and get something like a system, it also has elements from mortal to divinity. So if this doesn't get dropped this will be a great story




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