43 Chapter 43: Hakoku!

Compared to the calm and composed Blue Ogre Dorry, the Red Ogre Brogy was evidently more amicable.

Without engaging in unnecessary pleasantries, Vivi got straight to the point and employed the Transmigrators' unique ability to create friends out of thin air.

"I have a friend named Jianna who met two giants on the World Government's Enies Lobby. According to those giants, they came from Elbaf to find you, Dorry and Brogy. The World Government claims that you two have been imprisoned, but if my friend's acquaintances, those two giants, serve as the government's gatekeepers for a hundred years, they will release you both."

Upon hearing this unexpected news, Dorry was momentarily stunned, while Brogy's reaction was more intense. He swung his battle axe and exclaimed, "Nonsense! When were we ever imprisoned by the World Government? The Giant Warrior Pirates could never be defeated by those puny humans!"

Vivi's expression remained unchanged. "But my friend's acquaintances believed the World Government's words, and they have already guarded the gates for fifty years. Unless something unexpected happens, they will continue to do so for another fifty years."

The fact that their own kind was being played with made Dorry's face turn grim. However, he exchanged a glance with Brogy, and they both suppressed their anger.

As giants with long lifespans, they had been fighting for a hundred years on this tiny island, solely to determine the strongest among them.

Despite their fellow giants being deceived, their only reaction was anger towards the World Government's despicable behavior. They didn't care about the fifty years of life their own kind had sacrificed; with their long lifespans, they could afford to be nonchalant!

After giving it some thought, Dorry said seriously, "Tell those two giants our message: After we settle the score, we will return."

"For Elbaf's sake, let's determine a winner today, Dorry!" Brogy struck his shield with his axe, full of vigor.

"The victor will undoubtedly be me!" Dorry responded with equal determination, lifting his great sword and striking forward.

Seeing the two giants engaging in another fierce battle, Vivi quickly whistled to call her pet duck and the little white dog over. After all, this was the reason she came here. No point in wasting time; it was time to start picking!

Commission, 15 minutes!

The fight between Dorry and Brogy was intense, but the rewards were nowhere near the level of Golden Lion's "Brand Gift Pack."

While their martial skills were decent, they were not considered top-tier.

Karoo picked up the bright spots with the attributes: <Swordsmanship +7> <Battle Axe +9> <Vigor +13> <Toughness +126> <Reinforced Skin +29> and <Enhanced Strength +6>

"Vigor" and "Toughness" were skills commonly found among many pirates and could be considered mainstream abilities. However, it was the "Reinforced Skin" and "Enhanced Strength" that caught Vivi's attention.

"Vigor" and "Toughness" seemed more like skills for regular physical exercise. After each practice session, they would provide a slight increase in physical attributes. On the other hand, "Reinforced Skin" and "Enhanced Strength" were entirely different. These two were passive skills that remained in effect permanently once acquired.

Upon activating "Enhanced Strength," Vivi's bones made a series of cracking sounds. Not only did her strength increase significantly, but the surging power within her body also raised her height by two centimeters, from 169cm to 171cm. As her body grew taller, she felt a distinct tearing sensation in her skin. However, thanks to the reinforcement provided by "Reinforced Skin," the tearing sensation quickly subsided.

She clenched her fist and discovered that her strength had roughly increased by about 10% compared to before. She also touched her skin, discovering that its resilience had greatly improved.

Although her Armament Haki did not cover her entire body, the addition of the reinforced skin provided a defensive layer that satisfied her. The word "life" had no homophonic characters in Chinese. What did this imply? The dictionary subtly reminded everyone that there was only one life, no matter when or where one was, one must protect their own precious life. Vivi grasped the essence of this message and always paid great attention to survival skills.

After the two giants finished fighting, Vivi brought out the drinks carried by the bounty hunters, and everyone sat down to continue discussing the World Government's affairs.

As Dorry continued speaking, his anger grew. He forcefully struck the nearby rocks with his hands, exclaiming, "Those guys are all liars! Not a single good person among them, just a group of despicable villains!"

"We should use the strongest technique to smash the gates of Enies Lobby! Let those guys witness the power of the giant race!"

Vivi vigorously nodded, clenching her fists with righteous indignation.

Suddenly, she seemed to recall something and asked casually, "Jianna heard from her two giant friends about an immensely powerful technique. What was it called… the Giant's Spear? Do you guys know that move?"

Dorry and Brogy burst into laughter. "Your friend got it wrong, it's not the Giant's Spear, it's the Spear of Elbaf! As for us? Heh, we are the strongest warriors of the giant race, of course, we know it!"

It could be seen that these two giant pirates from a hundred years ago held no fondness for the World Government, but their desire to settle the score took precedence over anything else. Otherwise, the two of them would have left the island and caused complete chaos.

It had been years since the two had drunk any alcohol, and their drinking habit resurfaced as they continued discussing their most intriguing matters. Dorry glanced at Brogy and said, "Hey, Brogy, can you still use the Spear of Elbaf?"

"Of course! I am the strongest warrior of Elbaf!"

"I, Dorry, am the strongest warrior! Come on, let's settle this once and for all!"

The two giants engaged in another fight. Fifteen minutes later, they demonstrated a technique of the giant race to Vivi - the Spear of Elbaf!

Positioned on the left and right sides, about thirty meters apart, the two giants began to gather their power.

Dorry raised his long sword, and Brogy gripped his battle axe. They both focused their spirits to the highest point, muscles bulging, their gazes fixed on a massive rock formation hundreds of meters away.

The two giants knew each other inside out, cooperating seamlessly without any gaps. They suddenly let out a loud roar and forcefully swung their swords and axes.



The two converging forces merged into a pure white energy beam that pierced through the rocks at an incredible speed. After leaving behind a crater with a diameter of over a hundred meters, it flew diagonally off the island like a shooting star, quickly disappearing from Vivi's sight.

She was dumbfounded.

The power of Hakoku was much greater than she had imagined!

Seeing the <Spear of Elbaf: Hakoku> that the duck had picked up, she became even more certain of this fact.

Through the skill bright spot, she could see the giants' experience, technique, and force application when using "Hakoku." However, she couldn't manifest it on her panel. In other words, this technique was currently in an unlearnable state.

She hadn't encountered this situation even with "Shishi: Senjindani." It was the first time she had come across an unlearnable skill.

Was her swordsmanship level not high enough? Or was her strength insufficient? Or perhaps her body size was the issue? Or maybe it couldn't be used by a single person? In an instant, she considered several possibilities.

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