One Piece: Slayer's Will

Life was always boring to me. Same routine, day and night, it gets the best of you. That's why I kept wishing, hoping, for my dream to come true... To go to another world. But, when your dream comes true and now you're stuck in a world where everything can be destroyed because of the whims of pirates...you begin to see how stupid you are... However, I won't be taken lightly. Because now I have a new dream in this dog-eat-dog world and it's not to be Pirate King...but... To live a valiant life. And I'll slay those who will get in my way. (The cover picture is not mine, also I don't own One Piece, Demon Slayer, or anything else you might recognize sadly, only some original things I came up with.)

Twinjay · Anime & Comics
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18 Chs

Watch And Learn

"Alright then, seeing how we still have an hour left before this session ends, would you like to watch the rest of the class?" Koushirou asked.

"Sure! I don't mind."

"Ok. You two! it's your turn next."

I walk towards the wall where everyone is, however, I move slightly away from them so I don't get distracted.

I'm sure I can grasp SOME of the basics from these kids, however low of a chance that may be.

I think I can tell what the basic stances are by waiting for the kids to get into the correct stance and Koushirou nodding at them.

And exactly like I predicted, when the next set of kids went to the middle, it took some time for them to correct themselves before Koushirou nodded and the match began.

I leaned forward.

...only to comically collapse on the floor when they instantly lose their stance and rush each other, wildly swinging their bokkens.

...at least I know the starting position...

I can hear Koushirou sigh and I can't help but pity him...

After the chicken fight was over, we continued with the rest of the matches.

Not all the fights were like this. Even though they were boring, I was able to learn bits and pieces of offensive and defensive katas, surprisingly.

"The next match will be Mark vs Kuina!"

Walking up to one of the sides, a cow to the slaughter-I mean a kid I don't know shakenly gets ready. While Kuina confidently strides to the opposite.

Now, this is what I've been waiting for! I can definitely learn something by watching Kuina!

"Are you both ready"

They both nod their head, but we all can tell who's really not...

I feel bad for the kid...



The kid rushes towards Kuina, preparing to fight for his life.

...what is with these kids charging towards their opponents?! Are they suicidal or something?!

In the best stance I've seen today, Kuina patiently waits for him closer, then she quickly raises her bokken and takes a single step forward.

She swings her bokken down on Mark's head-



-and gets her first hit.

Quick and precise, that's the only thing I could say...well...I can see one more thing.

I could tell she wasn't holding back...

Paying tribute to his name, what came next for Mark is what I could only be described as a beat down. Any chance that he could barely see was instantly shut down by Kuina.

It wasn't even 10 seconds in the match yet when she was able to score her three hits...

Even though the match was short and I couldn't get some of the basics from it...I could tell that she mastered the basics already.

"Wonderful job Kuina, I see that you improved a bit."

"Thank you, father." She bows and goes back next to him.

"Ok everyone, this concludes the lesson for today. Make sure you all practice in your free time." Koushirou lightly smiled, but small amounts of ill intent radiated from him.


All the disciples stood at attention and bowed, before running off.

Koushirou shakes his head and walks over to me.

"So Noah, have you learned anything from the lesson today?"

I decided to tell him the truth.

"Well, I notice that a lot of your students charge at each other for some reason-"

His sweat drops.

"-but other than that, I was able to remember some of the basic katas from the matches!"

"Oh, did you now! I know I saw something in you." He pats me on the shoulder and gives me a big smile.

"Your training will begin tomorrow, do you have a place to stay?"

I shake my head.

"No, I don't, sensei."

"Then I'll get a room ready for you then, follow me."

We walk through a hall until we are face to face with a door.

"This will be your room for the foreseeable future, you'll get your uniform later in the day."

He nodded at me and went on his way.

I slide the door and enter my room. It feels...homey.

But I'm not going to rest just yet...I'm going to practice a bit.