7 Training and Goals

_________ POV Enel_________ (Story will sometimes switch between POV's, but the regular POV will always be the Narrative one)

It feels like I'll never get used to this...Seeing an entirely new world around me was a bit disorienting at first. I figured I'd get used to it though.

I guess I wasn't entirely right. Seeing people with wings everywhere, being able to sense everything around me perfectly, being able to produce and control lightning.

Those aren't things you get used to so easily. But, I decided to just take things in stride and enjoy my new life.

I was given all of the tools necessary to live an easy life, but my ambition leads me down the path of learning... And in a world like this, learning isn't looked upon nicely.

The government in this world have made their stance very clear on that. To the point where most people don't have any idea of the full history of their own countries.

The people of Ohara tried their best to learn the secrets of the world, and they were forced to pay the ultimate price for it.

Nico Robin is the only confirmed survivor of Ohara, and also the only reason I wish to meet the straw hats. I had always found her character to be intriguing, maybe because we had similar interests?

Well, I don't plan to stick around them or anything, but not befriending a group of pirates that will go on to being able to take down Yonkos sound quite stupid to me.

I've contemplated what to do in this new life of mine, especially considering that I cannot openly seek out the truth.

The thoughts of simply not bothering with anything did cross my mind... But those are the thoughts of a quitter and of someone that can't accomplish anything great.

Why should someone like me have to give up on their desire to learn the truth just because the World Government doesn't like it?

Even now, with barely any training, I have the power to blow up and destroy an island, something that only an Ancient Weapon is supposedly capable of...

That should be plenty to count as self-defence. But I don't know if I can truly rely on just my devil fruit to survive against the World Government's full forces.

If I truly want to thrive in this world, I better get to learning Haki.

Making weapons out of gold and other conductive metals isn't going to help me against someone like Garp or Sengoku. They would most likely crush me swiftly if I ever attempted fighting them head-on.

The admirals also... Well, Kizaru is the only one I truly fear amongst the marines. I can easily outrun Garp and Sengoku, Aokiji and Akainu aren't any threat either.

But Kizaru is the only person in this world that can match my speed perfectly. Well, we both move at the speed of light. The only way I would ever be able to win against him is by training my body more, as well as my Haki.

At least to the point where I can match him, as my devil fruit is a lot more destructive than his.

If I were to describe the strong points of my fruit... It would be like putting together the speed of Kizaru and firepower surpassing that of Akainu.

It may sound a bit far-fetched, but lightning is hot... REALLY HOT. I'm talking 5 times the temperature of the surface of the sun. A whopping 50.000 degrees Fahrenheit(27760 Celsius).

Magma doesn't have shit on that, it only goes up to 2700 Fahrenheit (1500 Celsius) meaning that I am completely immune to all fire-based attacks.

I find it difficult to understand how Enel managed to lose while wielding this much power.

I mean, I understand that Luffy is immune to both lightning and high temperatures, but just speed alone would've done the job...

The more I think about it, the more I understand why this fruit was titled to be one of the few invincible ones... Too bad it was owned by an actual idiot in the series.

I don't plan to rest on my laurels though, trying to fight strong opponents without Armament Haki would be annoying, so I do have to learn it eventually.

I'll have plenty of time to worry about that after entering the New World though. Right now, I've managed to do quite a few things despite only being in this world for a few short days.

I've managed to befriend Gan Fall and Wyper, somehow. I can tell they aren't buying my backstory, but at least they don't care to find out more.

Finding a friend in a new environment provides one with an extreme amount of comfort. But that's not exactly the only thing I've managed to do.

I've also (somewhat) helped end the 400-year war that waged among the tribes of this Sky Island. The war between the Shandians and the people of Birka and Skypea raged for a very long time.

I technically didn't do much, Gan Fall was a millimetre away from ending the war before the old Enel dethroned him and took the position of God of Skypea.

Now, besides building a small cabin in the woods, I've also managed to find and transcribe all of the Poneglyphs on this island into a few parchments.

That wasn't exactly difficult to do. The fun part comes next.

Managing to learn the Ancient language from them will be difficult... At least that's what I thought at first.

But then I remember that there is one passage of written Ancient Language that was completely translated within the show...

More specifically, the words of Gol D. Roger were engraved on the gold near one of the Poneglyphs.

"I made it here. I will guide this text to the ends of the earth. Pirate Gol D. Roger"

Robin translated this, as well as all of the other poneglyphs, and informed the Shandians that their ancient duty of protecting the Poneglyphs was finally over.

I'll tell you what, this is certainly a lot more than what I had to work with in my past life. Deciphering this language will be a lot easier with this discovery.

I might need less than a month...

Well, if there aren't any complications I will be able to gain a basic understanding of the language in a month. Mastering it completely in such a short time is simply not possible.

I had decided to make my house relatively close to that river, but that part isn't quite as important.

There are currently two goals that I've set for myself in this world.

One of them is to discover the truth about the Void Century. This includes learning the Ancient Language and looking for all of the Poneglyphs.

The other goal is to get strong enough to not be opposed in my journey. This devil fruit is an extremely good start, problem is that Enel is a weakling when it comes to physical strength.

I've already tested my strength, it is impressive by earth standards, and probably by this world's standards as well. But it lost even to pre-time skip Luffy, so it certainly isn't anything too special by Grand Line standards.

Training is the only thing I can do at this point if I want to get anything done. Translating the Poneglyphs is something I plan to do in between training sessions.

The problem is that there isn't exactly anything similar to a Gym in the middle of the forest. So I guess I'll have to make do with large rocks and regular fitness exercises?

I can't exactly grade large rocks, so it will be difficult to tell how much weight I'm actually lifting.

Well, I'll manage regardless. This isn't exactly my past world, I noticed quite a few 'unconventional' training methods used in this show.

Better get to it, the rest of the sky islands are already in good shape anyway, so I don't have any reason to worry about them anymore.

I won't even be disturbed since no one knows where I've gone and what I am doing right now. Only Gan Fall and Wyper have some idea of my whereabouts.

Hmm... What exercises should I start with?


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