10 Shandian's Ambush and Cabin

_________ POV Narration_________

As Enel and Aisa were having a nice conversation and drinking some fruit juice, the Straw hats made their way towards the 'City of Gold'.

Why? Well, that's simple. The name made Nami's eyes sparkle with berry signs and the rest were forced to steer their ships towards the Upper Yard.

Not that they had anything against it. Sanji was an actual Simp, Zoro didn't care, Luffy found it interesting, Robin wanted to see if she could find some Poneglyphs in the ancient city, and Chopper and Ussop were just kinda going along with it.

The crew followed along the river in their going merry for a few minutes, the waters around them were somehow shark-infested, which managed to scare the shit out of both Chopper and Ussop at the same time.

Nami was far too infatuated with the prospect of a city of gold to care about sharks. And Luffy just wanted to eat them for some reason...

Luffy stood on his usual spot on the sheep head, he had made that spot his 'throne'. He looked around the island as he was passing by with a large smile.

Eventually, their ship was surrounded by tribesmen riding air scooters. All of them were startled and quickly got prepared to fight the Shandian warriors.

"Why are you trespassing on Shandian territory?!"

The lead figure was a tall, black-haired woman, with two large bangs parted to either side of her face on the front, and a long and elaborate ponytail on the back. She has dark green eyes, and her lips are covered with pink lipstick.

It was none other than Raki, a Shandian warrior that had also fought hard to regain her homeland. She had made a small expedition to look for her niece, but then she managed to run into a pirate ship, which led to the current situation.

"Visitors aren't welcome here! We've just regained our land, we won't allow intruders to just waltz right in." Raki said as she stood at the forefront of the group she had been leading.

Luffy and the rest seemed a bit confused, it eventually led to Luffy just looking up and shouting.

"Oy! How are you all flying?! That's so cool!" Which led to the rest of his crew just face palming.

Nami did end up punching him, and a more sensible person walked up to talk to the tribal warriors.

A relatively tall and tanned woman with long black hair going down to her waist, she wore a purple leather jacket leaving a bit of cleavage exposed and a pair of purple jeans that wrapped around her figure nicely, alongside a pair of high heels.

Nico Robin took up the stand as she realized that the people in front of her were most likely the tribal warrior that she had heard rumours about on the island.

She was one of the few that didn't just fuck around on the sky island, she tried her best to look for as much information as possible.

"Sorry about our Captain, he can be a bit childish at times..." She spoke in a clear tone, and her apology managed to calm down the Shandia tribesmen.

"It's fine... Although we currently live in peaceful times, the situation at hand makes me especially distrustful of you strangers..." Rika said as she swept her hair backwards and glared at the ship.

"W-what situation are you talking about?" Nami asked from behind Robin, poking her head out like a scared child.

"One of our youngest just went missing. She has been away for a few hours and we haven't been able to track her down at all... I hope you don't take this badly, but we will have to search your vessel, just to make sure..." Rika said as she and her group finally landed on the Going Merry.

At first, Sanji and Zoro looked at each other, they were the strongest besides Luffy, and they considered fighting the tribal warriors...

But after seeing Luffy's inaction they also decided to stay put and see how things played out.

"You're looking for a kid? You can look around, I guess. We don't have anything to hide." Zoro said as he sat down on the deck. Luffy didn't react much, he was still stuck staring at the different dials that the warriors were using...

"But no touching anything! Especially not my things." Nami said as she snorted a bit. Robin just sighed a bit as she went back to reading a book.

Sanji quickly started following Rika around, as he usually did with any woman that he came across...

Usopp was far too scared to do anything and Chopper was quite the same.

Their ship continued sailing for a while, as the Shandia warriors just did a quick sweep of the ship and failed to find any trace of the missing child.

"It seems Aisa is indeed nowhere on board... I apologize for this. It's just that this is a bit stressful..." Rika said as she released a frustrated sigh.

"Does this kid go missing often?" Luffy asked while picking his nose.

"Well... She always liked walking around the forests, but she always made her way back to the tribe. This time she's been gone for a bit too long for my comfort..." Rika said while crossing her arms, the worried look on her face made even Luffy frown.

"I'm sure we'll find he-"

"Oy! Luffy! There's something up ahead!" Usopp shouted, leisurely interrupting his captain.

He managed to get the attention of everyone on board, especially the Shandian warriors.

'There shouldn't be anything this far out...' Rika thought to herself as she looked in the direction that the long-nosed traveller had pointed out.

"Whoah! That's a pretty large cabin!" Luffy said as he immediately jumped onto the goat head of the Going Merry.

"Zoro, Sanji! Pull up the sails!" Luffy quickly told his crewmates to start slowing the ship down.

"These are still shark-infested waters... I don't know if staying stationary is such a great idea..." Nami said, the fear of sharks finally reaching her as well.

The Shandian warriors simply gave each other confused looks, as none of them could recognize the large cabin in the middle of nowhere.

It didn't even look abandoned, smoke was rising from a makeshift chimney there was freshly cut firewood right outside the cabin. It was clearly being lived in.

Robin looked down at the river waters, she noticed then that the closer they got to the cabin the fewer shark fins poking out of the water there were. Almost as if they were afraid of something.

Eventually, the Going Merry came to a complete halt right in front of the large cabin. Most of the people onboard all got out and looked around.

The only people that remained on board were Robin, Nami, Chopper and Usopp.

"Tread carefully... We don't exactly know who we're going to run into here..." Rika warned all of the people following her.

"By the way, Straw hat." Luffy looked at her with a smile and said "What?"

"Where has the green-haired swordsman gone?" She asked in a confused tone.



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