72 Float-Float Fruit...

Chapter 72

Title: Float-Float Fruit...


-Jaw POV-

I might not be as strong as Big Mom or Kaido physically, but to someone like Shiki. I can snap him like a twig once I get a hold of him. 

I wrap my hand around his face and just twist it. It breaks like a twig and I kill him, this time due to Kakashi's help, I can dispose of Roger's 'rival' like he is nothing. Well, Roger never really saw Shiki as a rival… I mean I was in his crew for quite some time, but Roger not even once said something remotely close to Shiki being his rival. He did say that Whitebeard was pretty strong, but he never said anything about Shiki.

Still, I can feel the island start to fall and I call over Kakashi and say. "Go and look at the bag of fruits and see if this fruit reincarnated in there or do we have to do a quick search through the island if it reincarnated in there."

Kakashi nods at that and in a blue flash he disappears. Exactly four seconds later he appears and says. "Yes dad, it got reincarnated. It's the same Float-Float Fruit from the Encyclopedia."

I nod at that and smirk as I jump back on the ship, which then floats off again and it follows the bird. Mikoto is a miracle worker with her fruit now.


I jump on the ship as it flies, I give a split second look to the island falling and all of the people that it has inside it. They won't survive the 10,000-meter fall, they are no Kaido. But that doesn't matter.

I look at Kakashi and my children, I smile at them and yell out loud. "Hell yeah! We did it! We will get another strong person in our crew. Jajajajajajaja…."


It takes a couple of minutes for me and Kisame to stop our celebration as we dance around. We tried to drag in Kakashi to dance with us, but he is such a buzzkill. 

So I look at the yellow fruit in my hand with strange ripples all around it. The smile on my face can't be turned off and I look at one of my children who is on the back. He has red hair and his eyes are covered by his hair. He has almost no presence to him and he is quiet…

"Nagato! You just got yourself a new Devil Fruit!" I call out to him. "Jajajajaja…"

Kisame and I start dancing silly again. "Kikikiki… this is amazing…" Laughs Kisame as he grabs some of his siblings on his shoulders in joy and spins them around.

I then use Haki to grab Kakashi with an iron grip on his shoulder and put his arm behind my neck. "Kakashi, this is a joyous occasion so rejoice. We now have another person with such an amazing fruit in our crew. We will dominate this world now, when the war that will engulf the whole world comes, we will be able to protect our loved ones."

Kakashi hides his smile as I say that, in the end, he just smiles and says. "Screw it… OY! Erza, play some music dial for us. Turn on Bink's Sake."

"Do it yourself b*tch." Complained Erza. "I ain't your maid gray hair."

"*Pffft*..." Naruto can't hold in his laughter once he hears that. He secretly high fives Erza. "C'mon now Erza, don't have him do that. Do you see his hair, he can barely walk and his knees hurt now. Hahahahaha…"

This pisses off Kakashi and lighting crackles in his fingers dangerously as he looks at Erza.




-General POV-

One more year passed and during this time the world was relatively quiet. Jaw stopped his aggressive expansion and now is back to the basics, he is recruiting the new batch of goons from Fishman Island. He also takes a lot of rookies who come to the New World under his wing. He doesn't give them any real power and mostly has them run small errands for him, and fight amongst their fellow rookie pirates.


Also during the year, in a certain Foosha Village, a young man leaves to start his pirate journey and his brother is waving at him. 

"Luffy, next time we will meet. Both of us will be pirates." Declares Ace out loudly as he waves at Luffy.


At around the same time, this happens. Two minks wander into Big Mom's territory to look for a certain Poneglyph… their names are Zepo and Pedro… they are both killed. Big Mom didn't let even Pedro live when he begged for his life, she didn't let him see the 'new age' and directly took his life span.

Big Mom now knows better than to underestimate or let an enemy live for too long. She has learned that lesson the hard way… and has countless scars to remind her of it. 


After these events, Jaw didn't care for any of them. They were unimportant to him.

He is currently on Fishman Island, feasting and drinking with Neptune, both of their families are having a celebration.  They just officially announced the future marriage between Kisame and Princess Shirahoshi.


-Kisame POV-

I am currently sitting next to my friend… or I guess my future wife now. I look at her and see her giant eyes looking at me full of innocence. She is only eleven years old and I am fifteen… yeah...

"Kisame, this is so cool, we are gonna be married now. I heard that two people who are best friends, then they will get married." Says Shirahoshi to me, her smile widens as she says that.

I can't help it as I smile back at her. Well, we can worry about doing the deed when we grow up. Currently, we just enjoy being friends. I will worry about it when the time comes.

I nod at Shirahoshi and grinned. "Yep, I will also protect you now, since you will be my wife, as a husband I must protect you. Also, I will show you the outside world too. I will show you the world Shirahoshi."

Shirahoshi gets stars in her eyes as I tell her that… but then she appears unsure as she seems to remember something.

"B- But father says that…" Mumbled Shirahoshi. 

Oh, so she is worried about her dad. Who gives a sh*t about Neptune, only dad's blessing matters. Neptune is only holding onto his power as a king because dad allows it. Dad can kick Neptune off his throne whimsically, whenever he wants. Of course, dad won't do that as me and Shirahoshi are married… but he still could do it if he wanted.

"Don't worry about that Shira -chan. I can convince your father by then." I reassure her.

"Wow! You are really cool Kisame." Compliments Shirahoshi, and I can't help it as I blush a little at that. I don't exactly get called smart a lot.

Also, her giant size doesn't matter, because I plan to take the giantification procedure as soon as Cesar Clown succeeds in his experiments. The mad clown who ruined Punk Hazard's ecosystem is kinda stupid, but he is a genius scientist. I heard that he already created some dumbed-down versions of ancient giants.

Well, I don't wanna be too big, that would slow me down. But maybe just around old man Whitebeard's size would do. Around that size I wouldn't lose my speed too… using <Soru> would keep me quick on my feet.

"Woah, there is some delicious food here. Mind if I join?" Asks a voice out of nowhere. I look towards where the voice came from. I see it is a man wearing shorts, a yellow shirt/jacket and an orange hat with two pins, one making a happy face and the other a sad face. He has dark flowing hair that looks like seaweed, and freckles on his face. His most distinctive feature is the polite smile on his face.



Some people seem to think that Whitebeard or any Yonko can fight two Admirals? Whitebeard was dying fighting them one vs one... Yeah he was old... but OLD Whitebeard is Yonko level. After all, prime Whitebeard is at Roger's level. Admirals didn't even use their awakenings at Marineford, now imagine in the Akainu vs Whitebeard fight, if there was Aokiji covering Akainu when he was about to be hit and restricted Whitebeard... yep... Whitebeard dead... I love Whitebeard as a character, but we gotta be logical about this. Don't take the rummors of Kaido's unkillable as facts, Luffy survived Magellan's poison... but we know that it wasn't that easy, Luffy also challenged and stood in front of the three admirals... Kaido was captured and they said that the Gollotine, Spear and Hanging Chain were broken when they tried to kill him. Never did they say that Admirals attacked him and couldn't injure him, in the manga Kaido is injured by people that the admirals would sh*t on... anyway, don't forget, Yonko is a title that is gained because of the crew too, not just one's personal strength.

P.S: If it was a Kaido and King vs 2 admirals would be a different discussion.

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