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One Piece: Heart of a Swordsman


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The story is about a guy who DOES NOT get strong too quickly, so the plot isn't unbalanced and that's what I like. Updates are also quite stables so you should read it.


Yet another story of a selfish MC. Very little character interaction, and the world building is non-existent. The MC has little to no redeeming qualities, his only goal is to “get strong,” and he cares not at all for anyone around him. Will most likely have a harem tacked on without any regards to romance, logic, or common sense. The only quality of this story that I liked was that the MC actually has to train to become strong.


Its a good read. Good story line and character development. Can try it out. Am getting constant updates of 4, 5 chapters a week at least. It is a original story in the one piece world, it is not about luffy


associating one piece with chinese makes it look bad lol. .


Not bad..... one of the few long running fanfics. It is best for those who are into story instead of one shots. I hope that the updates will continue.


Not bad. There are better fanfics but this is okay. Story isn't as good as others but grammar is okay so I can continue reading it. I would recommend this to people who dont have good fanfics to read.


I wondering if you got this from a Chinese website, since you use a lot of Chinese references e.g. chapter 8 you say Lei core not lightning core? I was thinking you would at least use Japanese references since ODA was Japanese not Chinese or just stick to English.


I like the story, but it has a lot of problems. However, you shouldn't give up. It is best to practice. You really ran away from the same canonical stories that fanfics often repeat and this is very good. I like the fact that Mc values ​​food and even gives tips to ordinary people who don't hurt. For example, those pirates that he talked about haki. This may seem silly, but it is difficult to have on the webnovel. The only things that bothered me was the fact that he did not want to interact with any canonical character, at the same time that no strong relationship was built, be it loving or friendship. (The rabbit does not count, as it appeared in the last chapters) Finally, and perhaps what bothered me the most, was the fact that he wanted to be an adventurer, at the same time that he didn't mind attacking a navy ship ... Like , is basically treating all readers like idiots. I mean, I already imagined that this would happen, but I hoped I was wrong, and that you could find a solution. But in the end what I already imagined ended. The truth is that anyone who is incarnated and who knows One Piece should know that being an "Adventurer" in One Piece is practically impossible, as the government needs to tax the people who are on their side (the Navy) and those who are against them (pirates, revolutionaries and anyone who wants to BE FREE, and this means, "not being bound by rules set by the government.") Anyway, keep up the good work. And all the best for you.


Not bad.... if you appreciate light novels, this one's for you




This looks very good haha, until now I waited a bit for more chapters to come out, but I can't take it anymore hehehe so just see the series said hehe


Ok so final review I like Mc hes realistic in understanding that the OP world is very unforgivable, and the only Reason Luffy even made it so far is cause he's the Son of dragon , Grandson of Garp and student of Rayleigh just saying. He's not super OP so that's cool and for last my only problem is Translation of story it's hard to read cause it switches between English and Chinese alot so most characters feels forgettable easily.