One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar

Trafalgar Law's little sister survived but she has the soul of a very ancient being, the former Empress of a different realm. How will the future be impacted after adding the troublemaker in mix.

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One Piece: Battle of Trafalgar

Chapter 1 New life

In a certain country in the town of Flevance in the North blue in a certain hospital, a little girl with black eyes, brown well it used to be but now it actually snow white and purple hair pigtails lay on the ground covered in her own blood. She had been caught in the crossfire of a battle between her country and the other countries that are all allied under the World Government. As the girl lie there, gasping for air and fading in and out of consciousness, her soul drifted out of her body and she died.

However, at that same moment, the soul of a very powerful being also crossing over to the other side was passing by and entering the little girl's body. The little girl was brought back to life but as a new person from a different realm with a new set of memories and abilities. The girl was confused as she gained consciousness, unsure of what had happened to her.

"Mana sense," she whispered to herself as she tried to sense the power of magic within her. She tried to sit up but was too weak to do so. Suddenly, an unfamiliar voice spoke to her. "Stop moving? Don't worry, I'll get us out of here Lami," the voice said.

' Who the hell is Lami?' the girl thought to herself, confused before she could ask anything, she heard the sound of footsteps coming from the hallway. Panicking, the girl quickly assessed her surroundings and noticed a broken window nearby. She knew that she had to make a run for it if she wanted to survive.

" Be careful, those soldiers are out there there," the voice said as the girl crawled towards the broken window. With all of her might, the girl pushed herself through the window and landed on the ground outside.

She started to search through her memories and saw her new life as Trafalgar D. Lami the little sister of Trafalgar D. Water Law, a young boy who has currently lost everyone he loved except her. Lami knew that she had to stick with Law and seek his help in navigating this new world. After trying to sense her mana again and finding that she had none she then decided to feel her Qi and all the Qi around her.

"Law," she called out weakly, hoping he could hear her. Suddenly Law carried Lami on his back and started running away from the danger zone. As they ran, Lami directed Law in areas where she could not feel the Qi of other people, which resulted in Law being confused about how she can tell where the enemies were coming from.

"I don't know how to explain it either, but since I've woken up, I can sense things around us, I know this all seems crazy, but we have to trust in my new abilities if we want to survive and make it out of here." Lami had to make a quick lie and hope Law will ask to many questions. Law looked at Lami with disbelief on his face, but he could see the determination in her eyes.

Law looked back at her with a genuine look of concern and nodded. "Okay Lami, we'll get through this together.

"Lami then recalled her memories from her past life and saw that she used to be a powerful empress who had lost her powers due to the betrayal of her wives who caused her kingdom to fall to ruin and be chased out of the land of the gods.

'Maybe it wasn't a good idea to force every beautiful maiden to join my harem,' Lami thought to herself with a giggle. Lami chuckled to herself as she remembered her past mistakes. She now feels her Qi and realizes that she has according to her fate destined to be an enemy of the gods, which only brings her joy because she is a slightly insane and chaotic person. Her saying is, 'With lots of power comes alot fun and bullshi*ng.' Lami shook her head, trying to refocus on the present situation.

'I may have lost my power but I haven't lost my skills and experience I'll gain new strengths in this world and aim for the top once more,' Lami thought to herself as she suddenly felt her willpower surging inside her wanting to burst but she contained it for the time being.

'Mhm why does my willpower want to explode?, is it this world power well I'll deal with that later,' Lami thought to herself as Law continues running.

' Having to start training from scratch won't be easy, and I haven't understood the type of energy this world operates on, but I'll figure it out all I need now is to survive here first and gather information.'

And thus the adventure of Lami and her new found brother to being the strongest and making a new harem in this new world had begun, with determination, trust, and a slightly chaotic sense of humor. It sounds like the siblings have quite the journey ahead of them!

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