174 Yin Mo Is Here

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Yin Xun looked at the time. There was still a press conference to attend later, but looking at Mi Jin's current state, it seemed like it would not end anytime soon. She might have to miss this press conference.

"President Yin, I can end it at any time. Right now, I am just in the midst of defense," Mi Jin said calmly.

Yin Xun raised her eyebrows. Why did this feel more relaxed than she had imagined?

Yin Xun asked, "Then how do we end it? I still have to attend the launch of the Zhenku phone in two hours. Can I make it in time?"

"That's simple. As long as you need it, not only can I end it immediately, but I can also track them back," Mi Jin said with a smile.

"Counter-tracking?" Yin Xun was surprised. "What do you mean? Can we follow the path they attacked and counterattack? Can we paralyze their system? If not, help me pass a message."

"The technology of the Empire Guardian isn't that mature yet. It's easy to deal with them," Mi Jin said.


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