167 This Is The Gift

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Although he was Si Fan's assistant, he did not know everything. He was only responsible for helping Si Fan deal with the company's miscellaneous tasks.

However, when he saw that Si Fan's expression had darkened, he could guess that another subordinate must have messed up something very important.

"I understand. You may leave." Si Fan suppressed his anger.

After Cheng She left, Si Fan picked up the phone and called Mi Gang.

When the call went through, Si Fan asked directly, "Mi Gang, I asked you to keep an eye on your brother. Where is he?"

"Ah, CEO Si. My brother is still in that rental house. I just went to scold him two days ago. What's the matter?" Mi Gang asked submissively.

"It's fine. Keep an eye on him. Don't let him come out and cause any trouble for me. If there's anything, inform me immediately. Do you hear me?" Si Fan instructed in a deep voice.


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