51 Amethyst Eyes 6: All or Nothing

They said that if a young woman lost an amethyst in her dreams, she would lose a treasured relationship. Alex, on the other hand, wasn't a woman – and in his dreams, he didn't lose the amethyst.

He was claiming it – or them. So it couldn't mean he would lose his fiancée, right?

Besides, his amethyst dreams weren't something he conjured or imagined. He was just reliving memories, recollections of his day or night filled with passion in the arms of the one who owned those exotic pair of eyes.

Long, satiny smooth legs wrapped around his waist, his buttocks rippled with each and every thrust he made. Alex's lust-filled gaze locked with those pair of huge amethyst orbs clouded with the same intensity of carnal need as those pair of delectable lips cried out for more.

There was no competition at all.

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