50 Amethyst Eyes 5: Alone

In the midst of a dreamy place, with its classy interior, the low-keyed chattering of patrons and seductive music she sat. Quietly, at the end of the bar, on the farthest seat which she usually occupied, she nursed her second glass of foreign whiskey. The bitter spirit calmed her very weary soul as she focused on the song from the band Hole that played in the background.

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"And the sky was made of amethyst, And all the stars look just like little fish.

You should learn when to go. You should learn how to say "no,"

Might last a day, yeah, Minus forever.

Might last a day, yeah, Well, minus forever…"

As the singer crooned her song with the title akin to the hue of her eyes, the amber liquid she nursed worked their way down her throat, drawing a line of fire, burning and yet refreshing at the same time.

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