Jung Young Jae, a young successful basketball player who always takes the lead among his teammates will stumble and cross paths with the campus's supposed to be school paper's Editor-in-Chief, Choi Heiran. She will get him into trouble as much as he would mess with her silent life as well. With Young Jae discovering Choi Heiran was also a former basketball player, he would find it intriguing to know what went wrong with her career that she decided to detach herself from the game. Considering the fact that he is a huge fan of her literary works, Young Jae also found himself having trouble saying no to this woman's requests. Will his curiosity end up knowing Heiran's background? Or will he end up falling in love with the woman who once in her life had the same track as he has?

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"Why is this guy not calling?"

Heiran threw her body on her bed and bumped her head on her pillow. It has been two days since she stumbled unto that trouble. It also has been two days since she chose to swap her phone with Young but the man is still not calling her. He never asked her about the book, neither did he ask about his phone. Since that night, Chung Ae has been calling his phone as well. If they are really dating as to what the rumors say, he should keep track of his phone but he isn't.

"Heiran! It's Ruel!"

"Just come here already."

That Australian guy, Ruel is the first and only friend Heiran is having right now. Although Dongyul has been keeping himself close to her, she knows her parents will never allow the two of them to be friends. Ruel has no interests in sports while Dongyul is a volleyball player. Her parents are also obsessed with the idea of Ruel and Heiran dating each other. However, this guy who is her door now is a year younger than her so she never had the courage to have intimate relationship with him.

"Heiran, I've been texting you a lot and you never replied even once. Are you grounded?"

"I don't have my phone with me."

"Your mom and dad told me I should drag you to the largest library in town and even said you are ready to go. Seems like you haven't took a shower yet."

"I have no plans Ruel. Why not go out with your girl friend instead?"

"Lower your voice. Your parents might her you."

"So what? You are in a relationship and my parents should respect that."

"They will hate me for sure."

"Why can't we have freedom? I hate it."

"Heiran, why aren't you interested in going out today?"

She is expecting Young Jae to call her and she actually prepared some questions for the interview. You can tell she worked hard for it the moment you look into her eyes. She spent her whole night having a video chat with Dongyul through her laptop, asking him about Young Jae's basic information. To be able to have a wholesome interview with him, Heiran thinks it is necessary for her to dig the grounds of that prestigious name in their school. She doesn't want to offend Young Jae with the information she is about to collect from him so she never slept until she got the perfect revision of the questions.

"Ruel, I wonder if your girl friend is okay with your set up. I mean you're not introducing her to your family, or even with your friends and you always stick around with me."

"I can't let your parents hurt her and they will do that for sure once they found out."

"I told you I'll talk to mom and dad about it."

"You don't have to. Eventually, your mom and dad will realise that we never have an intimate relationship at all, unless you are having some feelings for me."

"Dream on."

It was when the both of them were distracted by a text message. Heiran is pretty sure it is from Young Jae's phone after hearing it updating the whole night because of the unstoppable messages from Chung Ae. Since she is so excited to see if it is Young Jae who messaged her, she immediately took the phone beside her and shoved it to her face.

Ruel is left in the corner wondering about the phone his best friend is using. He can also see a novel in the desk beside Heiran's bed. Although Heiran is a good writer, she isn't really fund of reading at all. So where is this novel coming from? Also, why did she suddenly change her phone? And now, why is she smiling like crazy?


Phone Conversation:

Young Jae: Woman, you purposely switched our phones right?

Heiran: Well, you know the reason why. I badly needed the scholarship.

Young Jae: Bring me back my phone and my book. Let's meet at Dongyul's place.

Young Jae: At least prepare some good questions for the interview as well. And please don't discredit my teammates in writing your feature story, they are a huge part of my success.

Heuran: Thank you so much. See you.