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Read NoGift novel written by the author Tyramisu on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering reincarnation, fantasy, weaktostrong, transmigration, isekai. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


She's a known genius of the 31st century. But due to humans' endless greed, she was forced to end her life. The moment she decided to die, she already accepted that it would be the end. But miraculously, she survived and woke up in a completely different world. A world filled with magic and creatures that she thought only existed from myths and legends. The people there have abilities called 'Gifts'. There's only one problem tho. She's now inhabiting a different body. And that body belongs to a... young duke? Cover art belongs to the respective owner. Twitter: @tyramisu_wn Discord: Tyramisu#9858 Buy me Ko-fi? https://ko-fi.com/tyramisu

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Hi! Author here! 😊 Since we're ten chapters in, I will be completely shameless and give myself a full 5 star rating. 😅 Tho I know I don't deserve that since my chapter release is pretty unstable. 😣 But still, as the saying goes, love your own. So there. 😊 I hope everyone who read this story could leave a review. I would very much be happy to read your opinion about the story. Don't worry, I accept criticisms (as long as they're critical, of course). 😊 And lastly, thank you to everyone who still sticks to this story despite the unstable release. 😅 Love you guys! Muah! 😚


I know it's still too early to write a review but who cares. I just love this story. The world building is very unique. Kind of like a combination between Western and Eastern fantasy. I also love the whole transmigration/gender-bender thing. I enjoy the MC's character. She's kind of pragmatic, which I like. But I do hope she'll grow as the story goes. And I really wonder who will be the ML. 😊😊😊


Good novel. I like the heroine very much. I'm really excited how the story would develop. Tho I hope the release would be more stable. Fighting!! 😊


Waaa .... I discovered a treasure! This novel is incredible and makes you delve into the story. Uuhh if at least the releases were more stable and frequent .... Anyway, give it a try and you will not regret it!


I hope you wont drop this novel because I love the story. The characters are written out well and i feel like this story has alot of potential. Ofc i know it is still too early to judge. Anyways i added this to my library and hope to read more of this novel.


Overall 3.2/5 If you’re ok with a passive MC who has people falling for her left and right, go ahead and read. It’s interesting when characters don’t step all over the MC and hog the limelight with their over-the-top obsession. Don’t expect the MC to do anything but the minimum required of them. It’s for “comedic” and “evocative” purposes. Writing quality 3/5 There are occasional errors when the author switches from past to present tense. You can ignore the errors, but they’re a constant irritation in the background. Stability of updating 5/5 92 chapters in 20 days. Dang, son. Maybe the author needs to slow their roll and plan out a bit more. Each chapter is probably over 2,500 words. That’s 230,000 words. You should be satisfied with half that amount and if you demand more, I’m going to flame you on the author’s behalf. Story development 3/5 It would’ve been higher, but the characters keep interrupting with their obsession with the MC. It got tiring real fast when so many strong people came out of the woodwork and obsessed over the MC. Character design 1/5 Everyone important is OP, especially the MC who was crafted as a Mary Sue. She even had no ties to the world, which made her the ideal person to revolutionize the otherworld. Sadly, the MC loses any ability to make those impressive inventions after transmigrating to another world. That is, except that magic suppressing bracelet or whatever. What’s worse is that she latches onto the body’s family despite being characterized as independent because she “owes” them for giving her another chance. Seriously? The original owner died stupidly for not listening to her mother. Even if you’re caring for her family for convenience, the least she could do is try to control her wild sister’s behavior. You don’t live in a bubble. It’s a dangerous world of magic and monsters. It’s really tragic since all we’ve got to show for the MC’s intelligence is their aloofness and confidence as a child. Listen to the MC go on about dissecting things without the MC making tech for self-defense. See as the MC gets into dangerous situations, but never actually be in danger because their transmigrated soul rejects magic and any threat is too weak or already fell in love with the MC. I had high hopes when the MC talked about skipping town on her kingdom for being looked down as a talentless nobody. She wanted to start a business on her own. But when no one respects her status as a duke, I’m losing all confidence in her, especially when she’s incredibly passive. She doesn’t control her sister, doesn’t make any defenses when threatened, doesn’t make tech for a distraction or toy, and overly relies on an unknown power that might give out at any time when negating magic. Let’s not mention the potential love interests that appear, being excessively powerful and unreasonable. I’m getting flashbacks to ”His Genius Wife Is A Superstar” where the characters step all over the supposedly strong and independent MC. It’s infuriating and depressing. World background 4/5 There’s enough to go around when the characters aren’t busy pouting about who gets the MC. There are a few things I want to debate, but maybe the author addresses the problems or I missed something. Either way, it’s a pretty slow and steady build.


This book is very entertaining, and refreshing if you haven’t read too many transmigration novels. I like the practicality of the main character, even if we don’t know what her entire plan is yet. She’s bold, logical and decisive! I also like how she had a hypothesis about how she ended up in the new world, and her composure didn’t falter as she is very mature. She also convinced other characters using a practical mindset. This novel is very enjoyable and I hope that there will be more updates soon! I don’t know the updating schedule so I put a three star.


Tbh I'm kinda hoping that Argent to marry a girl (no hate pls) because I'm kinda tired of reading girl impersonating a boy getting married off to a guy after revealing it's gender but if the author likes it that way I have no objections (and BTW I will not drop this book just because my likings didn't come to as planned) and I love this novel


Narration and character development is portrayed so well, you feel like actually watching a movie. The FL is strong, independent and has a strong family bond. The impressive thing it leaves us guessing on who is the ML.. I am in ch 146 and up to now, apart from the family nobody knows that the MC is a female and male disguise. Try this story it is definitely worth a read. I am looking forward to more.


This is honestly one of the best series that I have read in my life. I love the fact that everyone assumes she is a boy, but is actually a girl. There are three ships but my favorite would be winter since they have a similar personality. This series constantly surprises me and intrigues me to the point where I can't wait for the next chapter. The author never ceases to amaze me, and I hope others can support the author as well.💜


omg i'm loving this novel and im only one chapter into the story, this captivated me from the get-go and makes u want to read the next chapter, even tho the updates are random and all over the place ahaha. i would recommend reading this even tho its slow


Concept, description n flow of the story is good. Eventhough transmigration is one of common genre, this story have something unique that makes u can't stop reading it. How author descript the characters is also good n u won't have big difficulty to understand it. The description of world background not really prominent maybe because its yet only 15 chaps. The flow is good though not really fast nor too slow. I hope author updates her/his story more frequent cause I don't know the updates schedule n the date of updates gap between one chap to another not always same


An honest review that I might be grading a bit harshly. The quality of writing is pretty good with mostly proper grammar, consistent with it's tense and style of writing, as well as spelling. While the novel could use more attention to detail, whether it be in fights, inventions, or people. Overall I find no real problem with it. I am normally a very nitpicky person when it comes to the quality and style of writing. This novel generally has almost no mistakes if any. A style that's easy to read and understand. The more chapters I read, the more the writing improves. Keep up the good good work! I have absolutely no idea when it comes to the stability of updating as I haven't been here for very long, so I've been scrolling through the comments in which absolutely no one complains about it. Maybe a few people asking for a mass release, but it's nothing big. From what I've observed, the stability of the updates are more than enough to satisfy your average or even hungry for more readers. This may be too early for me especially since they've only recently returned from studying, however the Story Development isn't much from my perspective. I can foresee a lot of development in the future for them from where I am now but as for what I've read, it's not very satisfying. Not much has happened throughout what I've read all in all, but I'm expecting some very promising things from the foundation that has been and continues to be set up. The subtle foreshadowing throughout everything leaves the reader wanting more. Now here's where I have a bone to pick. The character development, or lack thereof, drives me crazy. Argent has not been improving herself or even truly growing. We have not had moments in which she's wrong or even learns from her mistakes. Training in it's own doesn't count unless you make a point of it. Noting has truly grown into a part of her aside from her family and servants from beginning to chapter 60. The only thing that she has learned or gained is to love her family as well as learn from others. Which is honestly for her, a very grand improvement but I can't get past the fact the she hasn't grown otherwise. She may be a genius, but geniuses make mistakes and learn from them just as well as anyone else. I also have a bone to pick with her being indifferent at the beginning. Destroying to countries out of spite is NOT indifferent. That is all about her indifference. Aurum on the other hand, gets a big 5 stars for her character development. From and anxious and traumatized young girl, never knowing how to deal with people, into a Little White Flower. Aurum was able to exponentially improve her social interaction skills despite her lack of interest and trauma. Her life or death clinging to Argent has lessened or increased? Into a Bro-con for us readers.The only thing I have a problem with is the lack of expansion on her emotions and her healing process over time. Otherwise, Aurums Character Development was fantastic. Winter and Mishla: nothing. Nuff' said. Aurum really carried the team in this section. World Dev? I'm a pretty terrible judge of that but I'm not satisfied by the lack of detail for it, I guess. From what I've read, the author doesn't really expand on it much. They probably will in the future, but it's honestly not to my liking. There's nothing wrong, it's just not fantastic to to me. Overall, this is a really good read. Finally there's a female protagonist. 50 chapters in and there's really no sign of the ML which is normally a miracle. He'll pop up later though. Female Lead? Check! Genius? Check! Overall Decent Development? Check! Strong FL? Check! MC Takes No BS? Check! Naive MC? HELL NO! Fantasy? Check! Monsters? Haven't really encountered them yet. Good Read? HELL YES!


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OMG ! Your Novel is GOLD, no, PLATINIUM ! Everything is perfect... wait... No, but nearly perfect cause I'm waiting for the last chapter to finally write : IT'S PERFECT like its Author <3 ! The characters are well written and the pace is good! Thank you for writing this story <3 !


You should read this! This is different from the other soul transmigration novels here! I liked the fact this isn't a fast paced one. Though update is not constant, but don't blame the author she is just doing this in her spare time


The novel sounds interesting, can't wait for the chapters to appear. 😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉


This was one of the best writing skill and the hardest to Express the emotion and the feeling . This was one of the best chapter . Best of luck Argent.


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well...how should I describe this story... hmm.... it's very intriguing if I had to put it to words....the story itself was so different from others transmigration story... everything so intricate and detailed, the mc is smart, calm, and cold and very indifferent to almost everything well except people that she trust or love, and even after I read 'til around maybe ch 37 I think...? but i still don't know who the ml is... though the only thing I don't like about this book is that there's a lot of psychopaths in the story for example, viper who act like a complete psychopath, and then there's the mc twin sister who's terrifyingly possessive....but the story is still a good one though...


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