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Hi Everyone! It's Author san here, finally ready to give her shameless review! This is the first-ever novel I have published here on Webnovel so I hope you all are enjoying it so far! <New World New Life> is the story of a woman's adventure through this fantasy world! She will face plenty of obstacles, meet both friend and foe. She may or may not meet the person she had been searching for, you'll have to read to find out! Writing Quality: I try to edit as much as I can before I upload, although I will admit that more can be done! I am open to feedback, so please let me know if you have any! Stability of Updates: I am aiming to maintain 1 chapter a day at 11.00 am (GMT +8) for as long as this novel goes~ Cross my fingers I might be able to get an extra chapter out here and there! Character Design: There will be tons and tons of characters that come through the story, only a selected few would recur throughout. I try and make them unique from one another so that they don't all feel the same. World Background: This World (maybe worlds?) is vast and contains multiple continents. Do not be surprised to see inspiration from real-world places too! If you have any questions and comments, please feel free to leave them here too! I would love to read them and answer them too! Have an awesome day! <Updated as of 15th March 2020>


(Currently at chapter 38) Full five star review ~ Their is nothing to complain about. Interesting story with much potential. Plot development is their, neither too slow or too fast. The world is described in much detail. Characters aren't shallow. What else is their to say? It's a good story and probably worth your time. I strongly recommend this story to all people who love good fantasy.


This is truly an amazing story I just started reading this this morning and it's 5 or so hours later and am finished with the recent update. I want to thank the author for making such a good novel and to keep up the great work. :)


As of ch 20 Ive read a lot of system stories. And the first thing i noticed is that the novel is very face paced. But it lacks a lot, it lacks depth in characters the main female. The fl in my opinion does have any charismatic quality yet, to grab my attention to fall deep in love with her and the novel early on. This novel lacks early world building. Even if it has magic they just brush paced the very basic of the basic to continue the flow of chapters but not the whole (at least no yet). The characters introduced are background characters and tying in to being faced paced the fl build connections to these background charcters very quick. Like it feels forced not seemless like i see in other novels. I.m.o i rate the novel maybe a 2.5/5. Its on the weaker side to reincarnation/system genre. So take it with grain of salt.


This book is amazing, currently at all available chapters. Even after 130 chapters I find myself eagerly awaiting the release of the next chapter. Hidden within the words of the pages is a complex world that explores human and non human nature, takes you in the air and across the wide world. A little bit of luck, and sometimes a lack thereof, this novel keeps a person guessing. Coupled with an author that takes time to respond to comments and tries to engage author-reader interactions you feel connected to the very source of the crwative process. WARNING this book id a ripping good page turner, so be prepared for the binge reading! ❤


Give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go, give it a go,


Here's a brief summary of the first few chapters😁... "I GOT HOOKED, and there's no question about it!!".... It's a novel that anyone would want to read all through the end, in all honesty beyond any reasonable doubt. Author-sama, I have one request... To continue writing not a good read, but one of the " BEST READS" that anyone would have a great time of reading fulfillment! We're with you in your writing endeavors😁 God bless!! We will be silently waiting for the upcoming updates😄


Reveal spoiler


As a reader it felt like I was on a backseat, watching Vy, it is a very good novel for me to read. Usually I leave novels in chunks so I can read them over the course of a few days but I ended up reading the whole thing in one day, I kinda got sucked into it. I can't think of any problems, maybe just try to fit in a little bit more world-building so we know more about the place? But I'm still enjoying it nonetheless. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the subsequent chapters :) pssst, I like how badass Vy can be...


Never thought that it would be an interesting story! At first, to be frank I really had difficulty remembering the names, but as chapters moved by i hit used to it. Where am I seemed a little clitch at first impress but had a different plot in the inside. Three gifts... And other chapters were also interesting, hope this author continues the story instead of abandoning it. And I don't found any fault with plots till now at 20+ chapters.


(Chapter 10) so far it does not seem that bad, then again nothing really happened so far, but the grammar and the like seem fine Hdhdhdhdhdjdhjdjjddjdjdjdjjdjshebebebdbhd


I really don't understand what is going on with this novel, I see plenty of hype.. but the tags seem way off. She gets a system, abilities and gear right off the bat but then doesn't explore them?! She very rarely used the system and instead of doing anything of note she finds menial labor and settles down in a town!? How is this action and adventure, let alone system... And to be clear, I would be fine with any of this if we understood the characters motivations. The only time we do, is when we hear her say she doesn't want to know more about her dagger, wanting to understand it herself... which she then doesn't do.


I admit to liking transmigration novels a lot as well as fantasy and romance stories. As such, I tend to read the synopsis, and add them to my library to determine whether I should keep or remove. With this novel, for some strange reason is not holding my interest. In that I'm reading but I'm not getting into the FL who I'm sure is written as an extraordinary person. The world seems okay and so far the people but as stated my interest is not invested in the story in terms of emotions. I do not feel them just an okay vibe which is not good for the library as it means a short stay. This of course is no fault of the author per se its just that a reader's taste and interest differs. I am sure the novel is fine for others and even great for some but for me though its early yet, at this state its not going to be in my library for long. Take care author.


Here I am again! The new cover is so cool! Good job!!! ٩(๑^ᴗ^๑)۶


I’m going to write another review about this novel! To all people who are deciding whether to read this novel or not, you should read it! This novel, I rate it 10/10! This novel is interesting, unique, and fun to read! You won’t regret reading this! :D


I’ve just started reading this novel and I have to say, this novel is awesome! Good work author! :)


I’ve just started reading this, and it’s great!!! I love novels where the MC is admired and gets powerful as the story progresses and seeing Vy being admired makes me happy and proud for some reason 😅😅😅😅😭😭😭 💖🧡❣️❣️💜💞💓💜❤️💞💕💓💓💗💗💓💕🖤💜💛🧡❣️💖💝💝💚💖❣️🧡💓💓💗💚💙❤️❣️❤️❣️❤️💘❣️💕💚💞💞💙💞💞💙💕❤️💖💝💞💜💞💜💞🧡💕💕💛💛🖤💜💜💛💜💕💛


This novel seems interesting so I put this in my reading list. I’m planning on reading this novel. I’m also doing this for exp, don’t mind me. (~^-^)~


I Love It. ♥️ ♥️ ♥️ ♥️


I love this story. The characters in it and the plot. I can stop reading it and i can't wait to see how the story goes. A must read. I definitely recommend this.