New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!
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New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!


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What is New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!!

Read New Life, New Task: I'll Be A Mom Then!!! novel written by the author RandomPotato on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy Romance stories, covering romance, comedy, transmigration, handsomemalelead, music. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


"W-what are you doing?" Eli was shocked as she saw the handsome man, his upper body glistened in the morning light, drenched in sweat as he firmly held a massive axe. "Wife! Good morning! The wood is ready to keep you warm for the winter ahead!" The man proudly pointed towards the massive mountain of firewood he just finished chopping. “Heavens! Did you chop every tree in the whole forest?!” Eli felt her head ache. "We are still in the middle of spring!" -- She was a salary woman. For her, career was just the only way to survive in this cruel world. Being a housewife was far from reality as bills kept haunting her bank account. When she suffered a plane crash in one of her business trips, she dejectedly lamented not experiencing the simple joys women used to experience in her age. However, a young woman's soul came begging to her, to use her body in another world so that her unborn child could live. In exchange for continuing to live, the task was to give birth to the young woman's child and be the coolest mom evarrrrrr! --- A transmigration story. However, our protagonist Eli, has to transmigrate into a pregnant woman's body. Facing the woes of a pregnant single mother, while surviving in a world where magic and evil exist, will she even successfully go through motherhood as a single parent? ...or will she need to have a hubby by her side after all? -- New cover! Art by talented Iris Enj Come give her some love in IG and FB @iris_enj (Iris Enj) Follow this auntie potato on instagram @randompotato21


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For a new writer, your writing style is wonderful, author! keep up the great work! The story has its subtle comedy and responsibilities that would drive the readers insane (but laughing our bottoms at the back of our seats)!!!! I really love the story! I will definitely read where I left from the novel!


I'm not much for writing reviews but this book has me addicted to reading it. the characters are relatable and interesting along with the world around them. I love this book and I think you will too. Please give it a chance.


So far, im liking it. Its pretty interesting to see such a novel transmigration concept and instead of getting OP powers from the start, she gets knowledge. Which i think is even more powerful. I like the concept of having unlimited knowledge. Theres so much you can do with that and inventing is only a part of it. I can’t wait to see how the story unfolds and im glad that the pace is pretty quick and that the ML and FL met up and recognised each other pretty quickly. All other novels have such draggy and cliche relationships


this is a hidden gem. I am very glad I stumbled on it, the writing is very interesting and it has intriguing character designs. I love the premise of everything and the incorporation of God the creator in it. all in all beautifully written. I love the female lead , independent , a little naive to romance due to lack of experience , she too cute, understanding so I can Stan her. I love it when ever there are furry and cute animals in books as companions which this story does. I can't wait to continue reading , I hope I can read this book for a long time and I can't w8 for thr baby to be born and how the family banter will be. keep up the good work. and I rate this book at ch 40 a solid 4.5/5.


A transmigrated soul is the mc. But she got the permission of the original owner of the body cuz they met in whatever space with God. She wants to live peacefully while raising her baby but as she got a special identity, there's so many hindrances and troubles coming her way. The father of the baby is also someone with lots of life troubles. Haha.


This is a highly commendable story a d believe me, I hay done just that. Your writing skills are and character design is superb. World building is out of this world!. An infusion of scripture and magic. I am hooked and awed. Excellent and unique fantasy story


Amazing! Amazing! Your writing style is like others just said. Though, perhaps you can describe things with show rather than tell? [img=recommend][img=recommend]


I really liked the writing in this novel. I personally liked the character of Eli and how well you have shown her innocence in the conversations she ha with the great one. Talking of conversations, the dialogues in this novel are really well written and I really enjoyed reading them! I think this has the potential to be anyone's favorite novel and I am looking forward to the upcoming chapters. And keep up the good work!


The emotions brought out by the author in this story are just what I need in a novel. The characters take a reader through an emotional rollercoaster that just makes us want more. Well done author!!!!👌


Lover the starting chapter. The plot is really interesting. I don't particularly read novels with Female-lead but I must say, the first chapter got me hooked. The writing quality is amazing too. I'm now really thinking of adding this in my library. But, that'll depend on few more upcoming chapters. 😝 Keep it up author!!


This book is very well though out, keeping always waiting for the next chapter. The characters are wonderfully developed, the setting is inticrtaly explained and the plot is beautiful and refreshing. It is a great book.


It's making my heart go *Doki Doki* Never thought of this type of possibility. Good story point and character design. World background could be bit more clearer, but it does go well. Kudos, and keep on working.


This is a gem. This is a gem. This is a gem. This is a gem! Anyone who votes less than 5/5 stars on this has misstepped. I was listening to an intense music playlist about comfort characters as I read this. From the very first title of the first volume of the first chapter, my heart raced as if I was the character in this novel. Stil recovering from this opening, I was thrust into this tale unawares. I really, really care about how this story shall continue to progress and cannot wait for more!!! This author had got it!!


The plot, writing style, characters, and grammars were all absolutely good! I saw some very few grammatic flaws but despite those the story still is amazing. I think I'll keep on reading and find out what more will happen. A wonderful story! Highly recommend.


Wow! I love your concept for the story. I love the Creator idea, etc... The plot is intriguing, your characters are expressive. You're doing well. The only thing which is missing - more descriptions. Good luck with the contest!


Good and interesting concept of the story is really decent than the other novel I read. I love the book cover, it's simple but gorgeous. [img=recommend]


Really a good concept for the novel, I liked the innocent and funny interactions between the characters which was very well written, Way to go author, Keep it up and make it great.


I will give my honest opinion. The development and presentation of the characters' personality is good, I found the way the character reincarnated innovative and that her mission is not to kill any Demon lord or save the world, but to be the best mother. Keep striving author.


The story is great. The writing is solid. The updates seem to be consistent. The characters are interesting. The only thing I'd like to see more is description. Description of what the characters look like and more description of what the environment looks like.


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