2 Ch 2 : Kaedehara Sanada

Hearing the Third Hokage's offer Sanada immediately agreed.

Not long ago, he was worried about how to get a disciple so how could he reject the request when the Third Hokage was about to offer him an olive branch.

The third Hokage was satisfied with Sanada's answer. He thought that Sanada was actually very excited to guide a new generation of Konoha shinobi. It probably never crossed his mind that Sanada was excited because of his own system.

"Hahahaha, I knew that you would agree! Here, look at the list of your disciple." Sarutobi said while handling the list of disciples to Sanada.

But when Sanada took the piece of paper and read the name of the disciples in his team he frowned.

"Hokage-sama, this.."

"Yes, this is the name of your disciple. The name of the disciple has been arranged, but it hasn't been fixed yet. Do you have any suggestions?"

When the third Hokage returned the question back to Sanada, he immediately felt the eyes of the three people behind him watching him closely.

Even though the Third Hokage said they weren't fixed yet, the list of disciples was the result of their previous meeting. They would definitely disagree if Sanada tried to poach any disciples they had chosen personally.

Sanada gritted his teeth and he knew he was walking on a tight rope but this was closely related to his future, and he must fight for it.

The list of names that the Third Hokage handled him before showed that his team was full of civilian students and from their name, Sanada could see that they were just cannon-fodder that didn't even reach B-grade potential.

Sanada was hoping to get the main cast in Naruto like Hinata, Kiba, Shino, or the Inoshikacho. But poaching them from Asuma or Kurenai was just hopeless as Sanada was sure that the two wouldn't be so stupid to let go of a major clan's children from their grip.

Sanada was just about to accept his fate when he suddenly remembered something.

'Right, that girl should be a civilian student too!'

One of the main characters of Naruto, the girl that was the main love interest in Naruto and the wife of Sasuke Uchiha. Haruno Sakura!

Many traversers treated Sakura as useless and a burden, but for the current Sanada, Sakura was his only ray of hope.

A civilian student with at least S-grade potential, Sanada was hoping to get this student from Kakashi.

Sanada turned his head toward Kakashi and gave his best smile before slowly approaching Kakashi.

Kakashi: ( Why do I suddenly feel chill here? Am I going to get molested?)

. . . . . . . .

- One hour later -

Sanada had returned to his apartment and this time he had a smile blossoming all over his face.

Yup, after relentless begging and pestering, Sanada eventually got to take Sakura from Kakashi.

At first, Kakashi wanted to reject Sanada's proposal, but when Sanada began to cling to his leg and cried like an idiot, Kakashi had no other way but to give in to Sanada's request.

Don't look at Kakashi being cold-hearted; Kakashi was actually a very caring person, and looking at Sanada like that, he could not bear to reject Sanada's request.

Sanada was now standing at his apartment with a wide smile on his face, and his fingers made a v-shape gesture as if signing for victory.

"System, can I open the Newbie Gift Pack now?"


[Host has successfully fulfilled the conditions for the Newbie Gift Pack.]

[Please wait a minute.]

While the system was processing the Opening of the newbie gift pack, Sanada was praying to the god of this world. He prayed so that he could at least get something useful out of this. If not, he didn't know how he should continue living in this dangerous ninja world.

Heck, Sanada didn't even have the memories of his current body, so how could he know any ninjutsu that could be used to protect himself?

A few minutes passed until the system eventually finished processing.


[The Newbie Gift Pack has successfully opened.]

[Rewards: 10x Gacha Cards, 1x Kaedehara Sanada Memory, Opening of the Information Panel.]

"Finally!" Exclaimed Sanada as he felt the memory of the original Sanada flowing through his brain. With this memory, he at least wouldn't need to be worried about his identity as a transmigrator being discovered.

'Show me the information panel!' thought Sanada silently. A blue panel then appeared in his mind.

[Name: Kaedehara Sanada]

[Age: 22]

[Chakra: Jonin Level]

[Chakra Nature: Water, Lightning]

[Chakara Control Proficiency: 70%]

[Taijutsu Rank: B-]

[Ninjutsu Rank: B-]

[Genjutsu Rank: C-]



B-Rank: Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique.

C-Rank: Water Release: Wild Water Wave.

D-Rank: Body Flickering Technique

E-Rank: Body Replacement Technique, Transformation Technique, Clone Technique]

"A water and lightning type user, huh?" Sanada said as he continued to observe the information panel.

From his observations, his current stats were pretty okay as it reached the borderline Jonin level. The small number of ninjutsu available troubled him though.

"*Sigh* Now I regret that I didn't memorize the handsign of Chidori.." Sanada shook his head helplessly.

From many discussions in the Naruto forum he had read before, Sanada get to know that ninjutsu was a luxury in this world. The anime only show prodigies and rich ninjas, and of course, ninjutsu was no problem for them. But for a civilian like Sanada, getting two or three ninjutsu was already pretty good.

The village was not a charity organization, and they needed to make a sufficient contribution to exchange for ninjutsu.

Nonetheless, this was only minor trouble, and Sanada's good mood would definitely not be changed because of it.

Looking at the system panel, Sanada saw he still has the 10x gacha cards from the newbie gift pack!

In other words, Sanada could draw 10 cards!

He had been thinking about what the card was used for, but he had no chance to verify it. Therefore, Sanada could only choose to draw it now.

Immediately, as Sanada wanted to draw the gacha card, he heard a voice from the system saying, "The first time you draw a card, you would get a guaranteed silver card. If you draw the first ten consecutive cards, you will get a guaranteed golden card. Confirm the draw?"

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