Naruto: Marionette of Suna

Author: TeemVizzle
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What is Naruto: Marionette of Suna

Read Naruto: Marionette of Suna fanfiction written by the author TeemVizzle on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, comedy, weaktostrong, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Born as the nephew of renowned Suna-Nin Chiyo Matsuri, Souei finds himself awakening the long lost Bloodline of the Thread Release. The story of a budding puppeteer in the world of Naruto. Thread Release Kekkei Genkai. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto. All rights belong to Masashi Kishimoto. For advanced chapters, check out my Patreon page! Depending on the tier, you could get between 4 or 10 chapters ahead along with a few other benefits. P@treon.com/TeemVizzle - This fic will take place in Minato's generation and will be mainly centralized in Suna. Romance will be very slow and will strictly be non-harem.

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A very nice fic. I haven't seen a lot of non-konoha fics so it's pretty cool. The thread release is also pretty interesting ability and author makes creative uses of it. I love the OC's and other characters. Suna is also somewhat developed and fleshed and i cant wait to see where this goes


I love this fic! The writing, the plot, the fight scenes, the characters. All are superb. There's great development of characters and I love the character interactions. Minato and Ay being MC's rivals as fellow potential future Kage is incredible and well written. Can't wait for more chapters!


I read through the latest chapter, 16. I highly enjoyed it. I hope the author will continue with this. What I like most are the characters. They're unique, and the author has a good sense of imagination. I like the idea of an air bender/monk and string fruit powers from One Piece. It strangely fits with the Sand village. The author does a great job of writing the setting and character development. I'd say the biggest issue for this novel would be the writing itself. There is a tendency to repeat certain expressions and words. It's not too noticeable, but it's still in every chapter. It makes the overall text awkward to read. Expanding vocabulary could help. I'll give this a 4.4/5.


As always, mandatory and shameless authour review. Additional info: - Romance will be slow and non-harem - Takes place in Minato's generation - MC will be modeled on 2 characters in particular. Souei from Tensura and Doflamingo from One piece That's it. Have a good day.


you wrote canon basically just changed the village and ppl. not interesting at all. boy boy girl team. smiling dumb mc. emo side. loud girl. team test is boring. kid complaining to kage about going on c rank is canon boring... first mission almost die..boring. you didnt make anything new except the thread thing which is just from one piece.


I am currently reading first 1st fan fiction of this author and already having a high expectations for this fan fiction.


I want to read it, but I'm a bit afraid that it'll be like your MHA fanfic. It was a good read but you stopped updating it. So quick question. You're not dropping this one right?here's a 5 star for answering this.


Very good fic👍 .............................................................................................................................................................................................




Great story, I am loving it!!! Super happy I found this :D


Great novel as always! Ive followed warping hero and this fic is just as great, and even better in a few aspects! Can't wait to see how it goes




This is really good it has a unique kekkei genkai and its also doesn't take place in Konoha like thousands of fan fiction. The grammar is great and refreshing


really love the story. ❤❤


The only reason I haven't given this a five star all around is cuz I want more updates cuz it's really really good! One of the best fanfics/AU I have ever read so far. Will be following this one persistently.


having an mc that is not overly ambitious is really a breath of fresh air. the mc is an oc but not an si, so there is no need for him to hide from anything and just live a normal life, without needing to worry about getting caught and interrogated


haven't read it yet but the thread release would go well with the needle sword from the seven swords. [img=recommend]


It's a pretty good fanfic , i liked it a lot . I gave u 2 power stone and wrote this here as i thought suggestions might be read . My suggestion is to have mc being a character who controls pace of fight like one those guys in animes who you have to fight on their pace and have impressive record but get's broken by male lead , the point being with his thread release , clones and puppets i think such style would be ideal . Using chakra and puppets to out stamina opponents .


A very a qualitative naruto fanfic. Plenty of original characters with a background, a very original main character and well written chapters in a story that takes place in Suna.




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