1 1 Konoha

15th Year of Konoha's Foundation.



On the mountain that overlooked the whole village, two huge stone faces were carved, and a third face was under construction, the sound of hammer striking down ringing.

Under the mountain was a red building with six stone curved pillars at the roof, the word fire on the building was carved, the Hokage Building.

At some distance from the Hokage Building was the Ninja Academy, outside the entrance at some distance was a tree, a swing hanging down from it.

Nearly the whole village was surrounded by forest, the towering woods and greenery, a spectacular sight.

Even inside the village, training grounds surrounded by woods and rivers flowing between them were built.

Currently at one of the training grounds in the village,

A fair skinned short brown hair boy, stood with his eyes closed by the river, the breeze making his grey kimono flutter.


Suddenly the boy opened his eyes and shouted, revealing dark pupils, stretching his right hand, all fingers bent, a small spinning cyclone condensing in his palm facing downward.

Seeing the spinning cyclone, some excitement appeared in the eyes of the brown haired kid.

"I'll definitely succeed this time"

Said the kid eyeing the cyclone under his palm, this time he, Kawano Naoki, will surely succeed.


Without any hesitation, Naoki rolled his fingers next moment, the cyclone under his palm spreading out, a blue transparent circle only visible to Naoki covering everything in an area of 5 meters around him.

(A.N:- I have made some changes in accordance with the ninja world, later more details about this will be revealed)

"I did it!"

Seeing the blue circle around him, Naoki clenched his fists with joy on his face, his efforts of a year finally paying off.

A year ago, an earthling took over this body, through his memories he gained after taking over, he understood who he was and which world he was in.

On the same day he took over this body, he found a heart shaped red fruit at his home as well, Naoki being an anime fan in his past life recognizing it immediately.

{Authors Note= So there's no secret behind the fruit appearing at his house, just a novice benefit for the traveller}

Naoki didn't waste time biting the op op fruit, but it took him a year to finally use this power.

Unlike Law, Naoki had two ways to use the power of op op fruit, chakra and stamina both.

But he was just an ordinary child in the ninja academy before he took over, both chakra and physical strength hardly enough to use his devil fruits power.

Being a civilian without any kekkai genkai, Naoki knew relying on his pitiful chakra amount, he won't able to use his devil fruits power for years, till he grows up and chakra finally reaches the required amount.

So Naoki set a goal to increase his physical abilities, training every day diligently and during the training Naoki discovered something surprising.

His constitution after eating the devil fruit seemed to have changed, although his chakra growth rate stayed the same, his physical strength was increasing rapidly.

In just a year, from being a child who could hardly finish three laps around the academy, he had become strong enough to withstand the use of op op no mi.

Even Law, when he had just eaten the fruit was unable to use it's power, though this doesn't mean the current Naoki is physically stronger then Law at that time.

After all being ill might have played a big part in his failure, but still it explained how sufficient stamina was needed.

In the blue curtain, Naoki flicked his index finger up, a handful of grass floating up under his control.

"Nice, now how about this?"

Praised Naoki himself, focusing on the small stone at the edge of the blue curtain next.



His voice fell as he rolled his fingers again, disappearing from his place, a small stone appearing instead.

Naoki himself stood at the edge of the blue curtain, the smile on his face even brighter.

"Let's try again...huh?"

He didn't seemed to have experimented enough, Naoki ready to use his power again, but suddenly he felt a bit dizzy, the blue curtain around him disappearing.


Ha! Ha!

A feeling of weakness came as Naoki fell on his butt, his breathing a bit heavy, taking long deep breaths.

"Guess...Ha...I still have long way to go... can't slack off in this dangerous world"

Said Naoki while gasping for breath at the same time, no fear on his face, only determination to deal with any obstacle on his path, to live freely as he wants.

Naoki rested for a while before he finally seemed to have regained his stamina, standing and walking towards the exit of training ground, leaving a heavy back under the red evening sky.


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