286 Chapter 286: Your legacy. 

"You, a Night King, must use your authority as king, and devour me."

Victor narrowed his eyes, "...How do you know about this?"

"Son, please. I got in direct contact with Vlad, and he told me about it the moment he turned me into a vampire."

"At the time, I was just a human who was taken advantage of by the two goddesses, I was no longer a virgin, and according to vampire common sense, a non-virgin human cannot be turned into a vampire, and Vlad broke that common sense, so I knew."

"He talked about vampires who are 'special' even among vampires." He looked at Victor with a serious look.

"The vampires that would eventually be called the Progenitors."

"You... Cough." He coughed up blood on the bed a few times until he raised his hand and pointed to Victor:

"Vampires like you."



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