271 Chapter 271: The man that until the fruit of sin.

Victor passes through the gate, and surprisingly, he is back in the woods...

"Master?" Eve looked at Victor in shock since he had just suddenly appeared.

"Huh...?" Victor didn't understand for a few seconds what happened.

'Oh, is it similar to Natashia's gate? Can they choose which location to open? That's convenient... Wait, why did I have to go so far to get into that place then?'

Victor looked at Natashia, and the woman didn't seem surprised, so was this something normal?

"They're doing a better job than I thought..." Natashia commented in a low voice as she looked around, and soon her attention was focused on her daughter, as the older woman seemed to be analyzing Sasha's every move.

'Maybe the entrance is fixed, but the exit can be anywhere they decide?' Victor thought that was quite possible.

As soon as Victor and Natashia appeared, several beings began to appear around.


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