168 Skeleton

Chapter 168: Skeleton

Because of Stella's tears, Alex decided to spend more leisure time.

He took Stella and Celia to the bench, sitting close to each other. Here, Alex fished out a children book. He had read that book for Stella before, and it was a perfect time to continue reading that.

Celia also wanted to know more about the story.

She held her little hands in excitement as Alex read it aloud. On the other hand, Stella had been silently listening to them while hugging Alex's arm.

But after a little while, Stella parted her lips, "I want to read too."

Alex smiled widely while Celia looked at Stella with big eyes. After their reaction, Stella felt a weird pressure on herself, as if these two expected too much of them.

Stella didn't yield to the pressure, however.

She took the book into her hands, slowly parting her lips. Her voice flew and reached everyone's hearts, sounding like the divine whisper of a careful goddess.

She read slow but fluently, pulling heartstrings!


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