167 Impossible wish

Chapter 167: Impossible wish

Alex didn't know that his parents had a day off.

He returned to real life only to get rebuked. Nonetheless, he still went for some lessons. It was a stupid choice as Alex couldn't stop thinking about Stella's body… He was also touched by her change and her desire for love.

To keep that love, she wanted to reciprocate their feelings genuinely. She wanted to give a lot to Alex, more than just herself. And remembering the system message about Stella's strong mindset, Alex could only get impressed by her.

He spent the whole school time thinking about the winged girl.

At this point, it was called Sara's effect. After every first intercourse, Alex would spend the next day recalling their soft bodies, tempting curves, and, naturally, the exercise they did in the bed.

After that time, Alex would return home and hop into the game.

But before he could move to the capsule, Alex faced the last boss, Mom.

"Alex…" she whispered in a threatening tone.


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