194 Final Exam

Chapter 194: Final Exam


"They say that this is our first adult test!" Zhen patted everyone's shoulders, sounding as optimistic as usual.

Everyone wore suits, preparing mentally for the final exam. For many, the exam's results would decide their future. It wasn't really the case for Alex's homies and even Alex himself, but they were still pretty serious about it.

The homies rolled their eyes at Zhen.

Pedro cursed, "The first adult test is military check. I still remember that old doc's hands on my balls."

Everyone widened their eyes, looking, stretching their necks away from him, "You seriously had someone juggle your balls?"

Pedro spat, "She was old, still following the previous' generation methods."

Tom laughed, pointing his finger at Pedro, "So you fell prey to what everyone feared! Haha!"

Zhen shrugged, "I still don't know why they have to look here… Fortunately, I had a dude who just glanced."

Everyone else shared their doctors, which were middle-aged.


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