193 Benefits and the lonely queen

Chapter 193: Benefits and the lonely queen

"I see," Remia and Stella whispered.

They were also in a party, so they didn't have to peek at Alex's system. Nonetheless, they did it unconsciously, bringing their faces close to him. After seeing the results, Alex felt their stares too close!

He awkwardly spoke, "It's because of my class, The Husband, right?"

In his system, Alex saw those female siblings leveled up. Remia's sisters, cousins, and other close family members leveled up significantly due to the dungeon's raid. They were all girls, candidates for Alex's husband class.

Alex found it quite weird, though… "I think it's because of the situation, right? I'm trying to bond with the forest fairies. Maybe the system misunderstood my desire, and it thinks I want to bone everyone?"

Remia pouted, "How can you say it so casually! After all that time, I have been waiting for you…"


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