212 Developing new fetishes [R-18]

Chapter 212: Developing new fetishes [R-18]

In a shallow part of the royal bath, Alex had Schnee laying with her body halfway covered in water.

Her special place, stomach, and nipples were hidden beneath water and soap. Of course, her big ass and back were also the same.

As for the rest, Alex had already fixed the issue.

He lifted Schnee's foot, staring at her seemingly boneless body with a peculiar gaze. He never thought of doing that before, or perhaps he had some short and easily forgettable thoughts about it before while watching porn, but his current plan was to indeed kiss Schnee's entire body.

And as he stared into her foot, his hands rubbed and pressed it softly.

"Ah!" Schnee let out a faint whimper mixed with kitty noises. Her cat ears moved, indicating that she indeed liked his eyes and touch.


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